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Most mornings I wake at 4:30 and enjoy my first cup of hot coffee while listening to the news. I take a few minutes to relax and read before turning on my one hour work out show at 6.  Mom rises at 7:30 and that is when the activities of my day begin.  The other morning she asked me why I must wake so early!

My hideaway – My Alone Time!

Sometimes we all need to find a secluded place to go and relax and be away from other people.

It is not easy to explain that to an almost 93 year old.  Living in our 5 room apartment with 4 adults I must be quite creative in finding that secluded space.  My son is now grown and is not here as often anymore but through the past four years since Mom moved in there were many days I wore the Mom, Wife and Daughter hats at the same time.

We all need to find that hideaway.  We all need to take a break from our responsibilities and just be.  I used to feel guilty but I no longer allow myself to be.  I am learning it is crucial to put myself first for if I do not I could never care for others.  My hideaways are not typical ones.  I usually am right in my living room but it is nice to just have a little alone time with no voices, or televisions, or telephones.  Just Me!

I realize there will one day be a time I will not need to seek out a hideaway.  There will be a day the recliner will be empty and the blaring television will be because I cannot hear it if the volume were lower.

I realize we say we want our lives to be different and then when they become so we are sad.  I used to long when my son was young for the day he would be older and now that  he is I would love to have one childhood day back to enjoy.

I have learned through the years that wanting to hideaway a little each day does not mean we hate our lives.  I have learned that we perform our lives better when we allow ourselves hideaways.  I have a wonderful life!  I’m not asking to retire from it!  I simply need to find time to recharge the battery and my mornings alone is a huge help in my accomplishing that.

While I enjoy my hideaway I also have learned to be very careful what I wish for!. I long to find relaxation but not to necessarily BE alone as I know that is a sad place. I have learned to train my mind to not say words I don’t mean.  Stressful situations are temporary but harsh words and thoughts last a lifetime.   I know there are many that could not wait for things to change and now wish to just hear a little noise once again.

Life can get so busy!  I want to keep my journey positive.  At times I think we vent the negatives because we all want affirmation that we work so hard!! My responsibilities are no more difficult and challenging than all of yours.  We all have different roles and challenges in our daily lives.  Despite them we are all on our second chapter.  We are 50 something and these truly are the best days of our lives!!

Go into your own little corner each and every day and enjoy a hideaway. For a few moments in time, be whatever you want to be and do whatever you want to do.  When you allow yourself these special moments you are a healthier and happier person and you will do a better job with a smile on your face.  That is our goal on this journey together.  Enjoying life!!
Editor’s Note:  Visit AFL member Donna Ryan at her website:  She says, “I have always thrived on inspiration. I love reading it everywhere I can find it. I am 55 and it has been a journey with many twists and turns. I invite all 50+ women to join me in discussions on this second chapter. Our road ahead  is fun and exciting because these truly are the best days of our lives.”

I thrive on inspiration; I read it every day and I try to live and share it through my actions. Stepping out of our comfort zone can be very frightening. I have learned that I will never grow if I don’t face fear! I encourage all women to join me on this sometimes weird and scary adventure. Let’s discuss all sorts of things from makeup colors, to recipes, books, funny jokes and everything in between. We are on this journey together so let’s gather around and share our stories, dreams, and goals as well as happy and sad times too. You name it; we can do it! We are fifty something and these are the best days of our lives. No matter what the circumstances you are living you are only a keystroke away from friends that care! So join the circle of the 50plusstickingtogether friendship chain. Let’s keep learning, growing and inspiring each other together. It’s Never Too Late!!! Visit AFL member Donna Ryan at her website:

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