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Having the Courage To Change

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It’s a common theme.

Much of the mail we get from our readers and those who enjoy our website speaks about the fear that holds them back from letting go of the life they know and moving forward into the retirement of their dreams.

The reasons cited can vary from the health care question to not knowing if there will be enough money to cover every imagined need in the future. Some people refer to possible boredom or concern of wasting their lives if they filled their schedules with endless rounds of golf and games of bridge.

Regardless of the differing reasons presented to us, what is shared in every one of these letters is the fear of change. All of us lust for that illusive guarantee of security. It’s part of being human.

Although not completely happy with the life we are living in this moment, the fear of modifying it in any way seems all powerful. Self-doubt eats away at our confidence and clarity; a poison that we generate from the inside.

We may work hard to placate those internal demons only to find that sometimes change is thrust upon us instead. Our spouse or a family member becomes ill, we get laid off from work, or we get caught in the swath of a natural disaster. No matter how hard we try, we cannot avoid something so inherent in Life itself. Change is going to happen anyway, so why not choose the direction in which you want to go?

If you stretch beyond your current description, things will certainly not stay the same. The unpredictability of change is that everyone we love may not choose to go forward with us. The new life you create will absolutely bring alterations in its wake, so we en-Courage you to choose excellence. Choose your best expression and move toward the life you want.

It’s impossible to know all the answers and if you feel the need for guidance in making a decision, ask someone you trust. Do the research required and find the information from organizations, forums, and library books that will calm that destructive inner chatter. However, remember, the decision is yours. Claim it.

Take a look at our Preferred Links Pages (http://www.
) where we supply a solid list of financial and lifestyle forums, and websites for self-education for medical questions, insurance and financial training. Check out our Retirement Issues Page (http://www.
) offering a selection of sage advice gleaned from our substantial experience in Early Retirement.

It doesn’t matter so much how fast your life alters, but rather the direction in which you go. Bring the best of your past with you, and walk into your future with confidence, self-trust and enthusiasm.

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli are recognized retirement experts and internationally published authors on topics of finance, medical tourism and world travel. In 1991, at the age of 38, they challenged the belief systems of everyone they knew and left the conventional working world to travel the globe. Facing unique challenges and living well on less money, Billy and Akaisha have been helping people achieve their own dreams of financial independence by sharing the wealth of information they have collected over the years on their website RetireEarlyLifestyle.com.

Their approach to financial freedom is that if they can do it, you can too! They believe that becoming financially self-sustaining is one of the best things you can do for yourself and for the world. In this way you are free to utilize your talents for the benefit of those around you. Their goal is to assist anyone who has the drive to become financially independent. You can write to them directly with your questions and comments at TheGuide@RetireEarlyLifestyle.com. They wrote the popular books, The Adventurer’s Guide to Early Retirement and Your Retirement Dream IS Possible, available on their website or on Amazon.com.

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