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Germiest Places In The Gym

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Germiest Places In The Gym

Here’s a way to avoid gym germs to reduce the chances you’ll leave a workout coughing, sneezing or itching.

Shawn McIntosh with Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System says the following places are the five germiest places in any gym.

These are high-touch surfaces that have the greatest potentials for germ buildup.

— Interior entrance door handles and push plates.

— Shower floors.

— Free weight benches and bars.

— Dumbbells.

— Mats and all cardio and weight training machine touch points.

The company drew its conclusions from a recent study it performed on gym surfaces.

McIntosh offered some tips for avoiding contamination.

— Always wear flip-flops in the shower and when walking around the locker room.

— Use antifungal powder in your gym shoes to stop bacteria and fungus from developing.

— Change socks often; sweaty socks are a breeding ground for fungi.

–Don’t store damp towels or clothing in your gym bag.

— Take your own soap to the gym.

— Don’t share towels.

— Wash gym shoes in a hot water cycle occasionally.

— Bring your own water bottle to the gym–drinking fountains are heavily contaminated with germs.

— Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

— Always wipe equipment and machines before use, including mats and cardio machines. Bring your own wipes if the gym doesn’t supply them.

— To avoid getting others sick, don’t visit the gym when you’re under the weather.

— After working out, wash hands or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.



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