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Frumpy – And in a Rut

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I feel old, frumpy, and ugly in my clothes.  I haven’t bought anything new in a while – I put on some weight and thought I would wait to buy new clothes until after I lost the pounds – but that’s not happening.  How do I break out of this fashion rut?


I hear this all the time. It makes sense if you’re truly on a weight loss plan. But, if your plan is like mine, the wishful thinking approach, you need new clothes right now! No matter what size we are, we always feel better in new clothes. Don’t go crazy, but get enough for 3 or 4 months. 2 bottoms, 4-6 tops, a sports jacket, a ¾ rain coat and a couple of pairs of shoes makes a very versatile wardrobe, assuming all these pieces co-ordinate. When you feel like you look good, you might just be incented to loose that couple of pounds!  Julie Foley


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