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Flaking Foundation

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I’ve started applying a name-brand cream foundation that I purchased at a department store cosmetic counter.  I usually apply it around 6:30 in the morning.  However it starts to dry out and flake on my face by the time lunchtime rolls around.  Does foundation only last for a little while – or am I applying it wrong?

Well, your foundation is like frosting on a cake – its staying power depends on the "cake" beneath it – what are you using for a cleanser, mask, toner, moisturizer to prepare your skin for its final "layer"?  For instance, mixing and matching skin care products can lead to "slippery" results overall…now if you are using a compatible line of skin care products, perhaps you have been formulated incorrectly regarding your skin type – normal to dry vs. combination to oily and a "tweaking" there may be all the adjustment you need to keep your foundation in place.  Also, if you are taking any medications, they can affect your skin and how your products perform.  Lastly, what is the quality of your foundation?  Upgrading to a better line might help too, though may I add, spending more money doesn’t always buy a better product but with the aid of the internet and "try before you buy" policies, it is easy to do your research to determine value for your investment.  – Helen Harlow 

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