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Five Tips for Long Distance Relationships

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Five Tips for Long Distance Relationships


Absence makes hearts grow fonder is a familiar adage. But in this era when everything changes by the second, this saying sparks a doubt. Does distance make our hearts grow fonder or make memories fade?  Whether you want to keep alive a spark of romance, or nurture a grandchild who misses your special touch, maintaining long distance relationships can be difficult.  And, pandemics are bound to stress even the best of relationships. Here are some tips that will help you keep your relationship alive and kicking.


1.  Communicate regularly.  It is important to devise a way to keep in touch regularly.  The more you communicate, the better it is for your relationship.  You may be busy with your work, but make sure you make time to nourish the important relationship(s) in your life.

2. Use social media websites.  Kids aren’t the only ones who love social media.  And social media websites allow some public displays of affection. Using them can be a marvelous way to display that affection.  Tell the world about your relationship – and yes,  brag about your kids’ (or grandkids’) achievements!


3. Send gifts. Though sending gifts can sometimes be costly, occasional momentos and tokens of affection are well worth the investment.  .The gift itself may not be expensive, but the fact that you have taken the trouble to send it, speaks volumes about your commitment towards the relationship and your love for the person.

4.  The Element of Surprise.  Surprises are a great way to express both admiration and love. You can surprise someone with “IOU” tickets for their favorite performer’s post-pandemic future concert.  Or game tickets.  Or try your hand at making a video of you singing a special greeting to them.

5.  Relate to a common interest.  Is there something that both of you are interested in?  It may be watching movies, hitting the gym or preparing a particular dish. While you will not be able to do it together, Zoom it together wherever you are and share your experience. This is a great way to enhance your bond.  And strengthening your bond – that’s what it’s all about!


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