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Finding a Nursing Home

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QUESTION:  We need to find a nursing home for my mother “ quickly.  What should we be thinking about when considering different facilities?

"YOUR NEST" RESPONDS:  Take a moment to review the article in Your Nest, entitled: How To Tour a Nursing Home.  You’ll find many helpful overview suggestions there.

In addition, visit  The folks at Medicare have developed an all-inclusive checklist which you should use for each Nursing Home facility that you visit.  Their checklist includes the following categories:  Basic nursing home information; Nursing home specific information; Quality of Life; Quality of Care; Nutrition and Hydration; and Safety.  Their checklist asks other questions, too.  These include questions about residents with: physical restraints; pressure (bed) sores; bowel and bladder incontinence; eating dependencies; restricted joint motion; unplanned weight changes; and behavioral symptoms.

Another helpful hint:  visit the Your Nest Housing Options search feature to find a nursing home in your area.    


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