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Family – And Holiday Traditions

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For the first time ever in my memory, we had four generations sitting around our holiday table this year. In the picture to the left, you see the star of the show, our first (and only) grandchild, Daisy. Her dad, (my son) and his wife are pictured there along with me and my mother, who has the exalted role as a first-time great-grandmother. Missing from the table was our daughter and her new husband. We were joined with them, briefly it seemed, through the wonders of telephone technology. As the chief cook, I decided in the name of family harmony not to be offended when people said things like, “Gee, Jo-Anne, good food. I guess you still have it!” (Hmmmm. What’s this “still” stuff mean???) Bottom line though, the meal, the day, the time leading up to it and the time since have simply been a joyous occasion.

Also around the table�were some of my siblings and their families. And it worked well this year. As an extended family, we have not really settled on a defined ritual for how these holidays will be celebrated – but one thing is certain. Anyone who’s a member of the family is welcome to join in and celebrate along with us. So I guess maybe where we do the celebrating is not at all that important. What is important is that we “touch” one another. We accept our individual foibles, forgive or ignore the slights, and celebrate the wonders of one another. So, however and whenever you celebrate your holidays my wish for you is that you can bask in the glow of family love. Where you celebrate is not really important. Just join together, express your love and support for one another. Now, that’s a tradition that’s worth relishing!

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