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Everything You Need To Know About Liposuction

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 Liposuction is a way to help improve a person’s body, personal image and self esteem. The process isn’t something that should be taken lightly and the after affects of the surgery can take a few weeks for you to get over.

To speed up the rate of recovery there are a few important things you can do and should know which can make a massive difference in your health and happiness, and are here to tell you how.

Directly After Surgery

Depending on how much surgery you have been through your overall body will feel achy and sore. Expect to feel mild to severe pain for a few days afterwards sometimes as long as two weeks. You will be allowed to take pain medication so if you are allergic to any type of pain relief make sure you let your surgeon know before the procedure.

There will be a bit of swelling, burning and temporary numbness which can last up to several weeks. Pain medication will help with the discomfort or even opt for a body compression garment which can reduce the amount of swelling. Wear comfortable and lose fitted clothes so nothing is constricted.

Change bandages every one to two days; sutures to be taken out within five to ten days. There may be small amounts of leakage such as blood or Betadine after the operation.

You will feel sick for a few days after liposuction. Eat low sodium crackers and always keep a bottle of water nearby.

From aesthetic to all the medications before and after the surgery you may find that you are sensitive to light. Dark sunglasses can help with photo-sensitivity.

Drinks lots of water and stay away from high sodium foods, and keep from exercising for the first two to four weeks.

Watch out for leakage, vomiting, or nausea, pain, and swelling. If the problem persists and the pain gets worse consult your doctor immediately.

   Here is a short list of complications that you should keep an eye out for.
-- Skin darkened in swollen areas
-- Blisters or holes forming in your skin
-- Unable to go to the bathroom
-- Red streaks going up your limbs or chest
-- Continual vomiting
-- Temperature higher than 101 degrees
-- Convulsions

Liposuction two to six months later

Your body may not heal at the same time on both sides so make sure you are aware of this. One side may appear swollen than the other but have patience as you will eventually see the results.

Post op depression is normal especially right after the surgery so don’t worry if you are feeling low.

Don’t go against the advice of your surgeon as they know best.

When it comes to liposuction it will reduce the amount of fat cells in your body but it isn’t true that you will be slender forever. You need to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly. The remaining fat cells will expand otherwise and you will put back on what you took off.

For more information and advice about the different lipo procedures and how they can benefit you then why not speak to the team at who have all the expert knowledge you need to make an informed decision about liposuction for you.

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