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Creative Steps To Fight Loneliness After 50

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Creative Steps To Fight Loneliness After 50
Creative Steps To Fight Loneliness After 50

Loneliness is a real problem and concern for many Americans. The journal, PLOS Medicine recently concluded that loneliness could be as bad for your health as smoking and even worse than being obese. It ends up that having an active and connected social life is more than merely great fun, it is also beneficial for your health.

Tips for staying connected and maintaining strong relationships

At Home:

Enjoy time with parents, children, grandchildren, and friends. It is beneficial to both grandchildren and grandparents to spend time together as studies show children experience higher levels of well-being when grandparents are involved in their lives and grandparents who babysit live longer.

New activities

New Activities:

Pick up a new hobby or join a new club. It is a great way to connect as well as decrease anxiety



Volunteering is a beneficial way to serve your community, interact with others and support a cause. There are numerous physical and mental health benefits you can receive while you make a difference.  As little as two hours spent volunteering each week can provide you with a positive impact on your life.



Help your body and spend time with other like-minded people.  Find an exercise class that fits your fitness level and enjoy making new friends while you improve and maintain your fitness level.

Stimulated your Brain

Stimulate your brain:

There are many ways to provide stimulation to your mind. Have some friends over to work a giant puzzle together or host a board game or card game night. There are many classes and clubs where you can learn and keep your brain active. Continue reading books or take a college class to improve a skill or learn something new. The American Association of Community Colleges estimates 10 percent of students attending community colleges are ages forty and older.

Social Media:

Stay connected using social media too. It’s a great way to stay in touch with family and friends who do not live nearby. Typically, many libraries and community centers host classes to help you improve your social media and technology skills.

Consider taking proactive and preventative steps, so you don’t have to experience becoming lonely. Get started making strides to connect, reconnect and stay connected now before you retire and understand it is never too late to begin so you can enjoy conversations and friendships through every stage of life.

There is a lot more to retiring than taking care of your finances. Part of your retirement planning should consider ways to help you maintain staying connected with others. It is important to take care of your current relationships, hobbies, and activities and seek out new ways to connect too.

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