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Crazy Busy

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Crazy Busy

Here in the city where I live everyone is very busy. I’m not sure what they are busy doing so I can only hazard to guess: working, eating, sleeping, running around from place to place, going to parties, making love, watching television and movies, surfing the Internet, and looking at their Smartphones. That is what people here do.

When you talk to people you know and you try to find some time to get together, it usually goes like this:

Want to get together for lunch/dinner/a drink?
Sure. When is good for you?
Oh, life is crazy right now. I don’t know. What about you?
Me too. Things are crazy. I have no time. But I’d love to see you. I’ll get back to you. Ok?

My friend Marcie recently told me about having a similar conversation with someone who openly told her she was busy for the next six months but would then have time for her. Marcie felt insulted and quickly filed that person away forever on her Do Not Call list.

What would happen if we admitted to a friend that we weren’t busy? The conversation might go something like this:

Want to get together for lunch/dinner/a drink?
Sure. When is good for you?
Excuse me?
I said anytime. I’m completely open.
Really? You are?
Oh. Well¦..that’s interesting. Let me check my calendar and get back to you.

The first person has now given their friend cause for concern. If they are not busy, what does that mean? Has the person recently lost their job? Their significant other? Their mind?

The friend might be so suspicious that they might decide it’s better not to have anything to do with this soon-to-be former acquaintance.

I think this busyness that people perpetuate is simply a state of mind or something to hide behind to give others the impression that they are leading wonderful, fulfilling lives and are very much in demand to be in ten places at once. Crazy indeed. The reality may be another story.

The bond I share with my grand-daughter at such an early stage of her life is evident to everyone around us. She definitely knew then and knows now that I’m for her and she shows it.

Pink has become a favorite color and I cry a lot more often. I look to do things in my life that make a difference.  I’m excited about getting more in touch with my feminine side and teaching Kayla so much of what I learned and continue to learn. It’s like being given a second chance at parenthood and I’m paying attention this time.

Can you stop being busy for a week or even a day? Try to slow down. Don’t fill up a schedule. Leave lots of time open for your friends and relatives. When they find this out, they may run in the other direction and you may never see them again. Hopefully, a few will not. Try this and see what happens. If you don’t like it, you can always go back to the way you were: crazy busy or maybe just plain crazy.

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