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5 Best Retirement Cities For Singles

About half of the over 60 demographic is single. We’ve compiled a list of the 5 best places for singles to retire. Specifically focusing on cities with active nightlife and high population density of singles over 60. New Orleans, Louisiana With 49.5% of the over 60 population single, New Orleans offers a vibrant downtown with abundant arts and cult...Read More

Hiking Should Be Your Next Hobby

Hiking has it’s perks, but the best one- accomplishment. There are many baby boomers who enjoy hiking and who do so for their health, but reaching that peak offers metal clarity, social interaction and physical fitness. A hike can be a walk in the woods, in a meadow, along a brook, or on a boardwalk across wetlands. Hiking is walking, and man...Read More

Gay-Friendly Retirement Cities For LGBT Retirees

Every retiree ponders the “where should I retire” question. The standard measurements of happiness in retirement are weather, access to health care, affordability and recreational offerings. Boomers of the LGBT community need to add to the list and often think about “where they will feel welcome.” Using SeniorScore, a data-driven algorithm that det...Read More

Traveling woes and missing clothes

I am sooo embarrassed— even more than Donald Trumps campaign manager. And that’s bad! Here’s why…. Jan and I were invited to our friends cottage recently. But I’m not sure we will be invited back– well at least me.It was a quick one night visit. “Gary can you pack your clothes?” So I tossed a change of clothes in a L.L. Bean Weekender bag. Along wi...Read More

Vancouver, British Columbia – Both Delightful AND Approachable!

Vancouver is a cosmopolitan and approachable city. Canada’s major gateway to the Orient, it is strategically located where the mountains of the coast range meet the Pacific Ocean and form a picturesque and busy harbor. The town has been a center of trade and transportation since the First Nations (Canadian term for Native Americans) era. The ...Read More

Journey with Kileen: West Virginia

With Fall just around the corner here is a great place to visit during that time of the year. I was once playing a trivia game and the question was, What state is called The Mountain State?  Naturally I started thinking Wyoming or Colorado, but I was wrong.  The correct answer which shocked me was¦West Virginia. The state is nestled in the Appalac...Read More

Great Travel Tips for 50-Plus Travelers

It may be a cliché, but the oft-heard observation that 50 is the new 30 certainly applies to travel. While being over 50 makes you a “senior citizen, it doesn’t necessarily put you in the “travel for the elderly” category that involves rocking chairs on the porch of luxury resorts or resting on cruise ship deck chairs with a blanket on your lap. To...Read More

Canada by Train – A World-Class Journey – Part 1: Toronto

This is part one of a two-part column on taking VIA Train #1, The Canadian, across Canada from Toronto to Vancouver. It is a genuine bucket list dream trip which begins in Toronto, a metropolis worth visiting by any mode of transportation. . Toronto deserves its reputation as one of the world’s great cities. It is Canada’s largest and ...Read More

Travellers Worst Woes: Luggage Zippers! by Gary Chalk

Full disclosure: I am ‘Zipper Challenged.’I was diagnosed last week while on an Alaskan cruise. Early symptoms of Zipper Challenge are evident from the bedroom when packing. Husbands scream, “Dear, do we need this much clothing?” On the ship more symptoms appear: fits of anger when attempting to open multiple luggage zippers...Read More

Baby Boomer Travel Trends

Last year, AARP reported in their annual travel research survey that “practically all Baby Boomers (99%) anticipate traveling for leisure in 2016, with approximately 4 or 5 trips in the works.” 45% reported that they would take a combination of domestic and international trips, while 5% planned to focus on international only. In a 2013 article by S...Read More

How To Make Traveling Easier For Yourself

Traveling is not for everyone. In fact, some feel that the whole hassle of traveling is less than inspiring, and the comforts of home beckon far greater. How about opening your perspective and begin to introduce some travel into your current lifestyle? Could you make this easier on yourself? Here are some useful points to consider making your trave...Read More

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