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It’s Been More Than 30 Years…

Dear “Oh Carol:” My husband, hero, knight in shining armor, passed away 4 years ago. I am so lonely, and ready to date. My last, first date was 30 years ago. When do men of our age generally expect to get intimate, as in after how many dates? While I am open to intimacy, I need to know this is someone with whom I will be in a committed relationship...Read More

Needing Courage

Dear “OH CAROL:” He is 10 yrs older than me, very abusive physically & mentally until about 8 yrs ago the physical abuse stopped. I have not had the courage to leave even though ive asked several times over the yesrs for a divorce. He plays me with his health and the age difference. Every one inc my children has wanted me to leave. I now have t...Read More

Love, Loss, Hurt and Pain

Dear “OH CAROL:”  How do I get passed the hurt and pain of losing my husband of 35 years three years ago and then the lost of my friend of 2 years.  I feel I need a man in my life and now that I don't have one I am confused, sad, hurting and can't sleep. Love, Loss, Hurt and Pain    LOVE ‘N LIFE&rsquo...Read More

Where To Turn

Dear “Oh Carol:” Does that really goes together. Is there still hope for me to have someone just to talk to, I love a good conversation with adult that understands my kind of world. Where To Turn LOVE ‘n LIFE’S “OH CAROL” ANSWERS: Dear “Where To Turn:” First I want to thank you for taking the time to ...Read More

What To Do At 61???

Dear “OH CAROL:” I would like to know what to do at 61. Please help, my husband and I have been married for 40 years, lately we do not have the same interests, what do you suggest we can do! Are there places to join or things to do for our age, where we could possible meet people our age?What to do at 61???   LOVE ‘N LIF...Read More

A Widow Asks…

Dear “OH CAROL:”I just signed up for this site so I am not sure how all this works. I became a widow in 2010. Three months after my mother died. I feel diminished. As if I am walking through this world not as a whole person. I am looking for communication with others who have been in the same situation. Is there such a thing as coming o...Read More

52 and Single

Dear “Oh Carol:” I'm 52 yrs of age, separated for 3 yrs.   How is the best way to find the relationship that you want? I'm trying online dating, but it's not going too well. Suggestions?  I'm enjoying my life, and I'm in a good place in my life…but finding what I want seems to be hard. 52 and Sin...Read More

His Drinking

Dear “OH CAROL:” I am 48 and my husband is 54.  We have 4 kids and 2 are still at home.  I’m concerned because my husband is drinking a lot. He has about 6 to 12 beers each night. This has been building up now for a couple of years.  He just sits in front of the TV and drinks himself into oblivion.  He doesn&rs...Read More


Dear “OH CAROL:” My husband and I will be celebrating our 43rd wedding anniversary in another 6 months.  When we became engaged, he was a struggling graduate student, and bought me a lovely sterling silver pin – but no ring.  Over the years I’ve said to him that I want a diamond – but not just any diamon...Read More

Where's Prince Charming?

Dear “OH CAROL:” I’m 52, never married and never even dated much. I’m quiet, and while I’m not ugly, I am overweight and quite ordinary.  No one has ever given me a second look. I’ve been dating a man who is 57 and who also has never been married.  He’s really my best friend.  ...Read More

Can She Make Room In Her Life For Me?

Dear “OH CAROL:” I’ve started a relationship with an incredible person.  She’s an accomplished, successful professional and is a single mother to two kids she’s putting through college.  We’ve known each other for ages – she became a friend of my former wife when both of our families were young.&n...Read More

My Friend's Pain Has Me Aching

Dear “OH CAROL” I’ve got a friend who just got divorced.  She’s a great friend, and we’ve shared a lot through the years.  Right now, though, she’s a mess – both literally and figuratively. She’s devastated by this divorce. She says she can’t sleep nights and is mistrust...Read More

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