Ask Companionship’s Pro is a mystery contributor and guest.  He/she is in a successful, mutually rewarding marriage of more than 30 years.   Over those years, the marriage, according to our guest, has weathered highs, lows, and has encountered many, many surprises.  We here at are grateful for his...Read More


Our Love ‘n Life Pro, Carol, is an After Fiftier who spent almost 10 years as a professional matchmaker.  She also experienced separation and divorce around the time she was turning the big "5 – 0."  With her divorce finalized, and her experiences as a professional matchmaker serving as a backdrop, she entered into t...Read More

Credit Card Calculators

Want to reduce your credit card debt? Do you need a debt payoff calculator?    Do you want to consolidate your credit card debt?  Credit card debt calculator Credit card minimum payment calculator Credit card balance transfer calculator What will it take to pay off your credit card? Reduce credit card debt calculator Personal de...Read More

Debt Management Calculators

What’s the real cost of your debt? What’s the fastest and cheapest way to pay down your debt? What’s the real cost of paying the minimum? Calculate the real cost of your debt Loan calculator (includes amortizaation schedule) Debt pay-down calculator: What’s the fastest and cheapest way to pay down your debts? What will ...Read More

Auto Calculators

Need a car?  Should you buy it new – or used? Is a hybrid car right for you?  Which is better – a rebate or special dealer financing? How much will that lease really cost?     Auto loan calculator (includes amortization schedule) Negative equity auto loan calculator Buy or lease your nex...Read More

Find Contractors for Your Home

Find Top-Rated Local Contractors: Plumbers, Electricians, Decorators, Engineers, and more.  It’s easy….  Just follow these 3 simple steps!   Go ahead, get that project off your "to do" list! Additions & Remodels Air Conditioning & Cooling  Architects, Builders, Engineers   – Architec...Read More


Catherine Bernard, Financial Advisor, founded her practice in 1996 and has since built her client base to over 400 clients with over $12 million in assets under management across 10 states. She specializes in providing financial peace of mind for her clients.  She works with individuals and business owners to help them understand their true fi...Read More

So, Who Pays?

QUESTION:   I haven’t dated in almost 30 years. Years ago when I was dating, the man always picked up the tab “ but my friends tell me that that’s changed.  True? "COMPANIONSHIP" RESPONDS:   One thing that hasn’t changed in 30 years is the need for people to be thoughtful in their relationships w...Read More

This holiday season, up the wow factor

With the bustle of the holiday season upon us, busy hosts are looking for simple ways to infuse personality and flair into holiday entertaining. To help, Pillsbury has partnered with party planner to the stars, David Tutera, to show how easy it is to create an impressive table at any holiday gathering. "There’s no doubt about it, pie is ...Read More

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