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A Mortgage at My Age?

QUESTION: I sold my house for $380,000 and have $250,000 cash left from it.  Now I am looking for another house.  I am living with my boyfriend and sharing rent with him and his son.  My share is $825 a month for rent.    He is on disability and cannot own a house, so I will buy a house.  I was going to buy one an...Read More


John R. Boyd, CFP is Treasurer and Chief Investment Officer for Boyd Financial Strategies, Inc., of Massachusetts.  John has been with the firm since 1985, and as principal investment advisor, he is responsible for all investment counseling services, portfolio strategy and regulatory compliance.  John earned a master’s degree in Bio...Read More

Save for Retirement

QUESTION: I am a single parent in my late 50’s with two kids in college and a third who will start in 4 years.  I work one full-time and one part-time job and can barely make ends meet.  Even though my kids are attending in-state colleges, all my money is going to tuitions.  I have nothing saved for retirement.  I know I s...Read More

Invest more conservatively?

QUESTION: Given the way the cost of living is increasing (cost of oil, gas, food, healthcare, etc.) does it really make sense to invest more conservatively as I approach retirement?  Will I outlive my money?  ASK YOUR MONEY ANSWERS: The time between your initial investment and when you plan to use it as an income stream should still play ...Read More

401(k) or Roth IRA?

QUESTION: I am almost 55 yrs old. I contribute to a 401K at work.  My company does not match or contribute on my behalf in any way.  My current deduction is 30% weekly. I have about nine thousand in my 401K.  I have it invested in "Retirement Fund 2015."   Should I change that? Some people have told me I’d b...Read More

Re-Wrote the Mortgage

QUESTION: My wife and I did something that we now realize was probably not too smart.  We rewrote the mortgage to our home 7 years ago, (it’s a 15 year mortgage) in order to take out some money.  We spent it to do some much needed renovations to the house.  We want to retire (I’m approaching 65 and my wife is 60) “ but we...Read More

Long-Term Care Insurance

QUESTION: Some people at work are buying long-term care insurance.  My husband says that the government will take care of us if we can’t afford it.  True?


QUESTION: My daughter wants to go to a private college that will cost about $30,000 a year to attend.  My husband and I have another 6 years left on our mortgage and we also have another child who will be ready for college in another 3 years.  I have this knot in my stomach when I think about retirement.  What do we do? ASK YOUR MONE...Read More

Wills Still Valid?

QUESTION: My parents are in their mid-to-late 80’s and my father is getting increasingly forgetful.  My mother says that they had their wills drawn up back when they first got married, and that was at least 50 years ago.  We have no idea where those wills are – (my father used to take care of all that stuff, but asking him now...Read More


Anna is an estate-planning attorney and works with individuals on estate planning and estate and trust settlement issues. Her decision to establish her own firm stems from a desire to create estate plans that encompass more than just the transfer of tangible assets. Her life experience as a young widow revealed a need to pass on wisdom and values t...Read More

Credit Card Calculators

Want to reduce your credit card debt? Do you need a debt payoff calculator?    Do you want to consolidate your credit card debt?  Credit card debt calculator Credit card minimum payment calculator Credit card balance transfer calculator What will it take to pay off your credit card? Reduce credit card debt calculator Personal de...Read More

Debt Management Calculators

What’s the real cost of your debt? What’s the fastest and cheapest way to pay down your debt? What’s the real cost of paying the minimum? Calculate the real cost of your debt Loan calculator (includes amortizaation schedule) Debt pay-down calculator: What’s the fastest and cheapest way to pay down your debts? What will ...Read More

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