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Social Security: Divorced and then Widowed

QUESTION: I am 55 years old and I was divorced at age 40.  At age 50 I became widowed from my second husband.  However, I was only married to my second husband for 3 and a half years when he passed away. At what age, would I be able to apply for Social Security (as I am widowed) and also, if I applied at that age, which husband’s so...Read More

Social Security – Take It Now Or Wait?

QUESTION: Should I draw my Social Security benefits at age 62 and take a smaller benefit, or wait until my maximum retirement age to get the larger benefit. Wondering ASK YOU MONEY’S ROSEMARIE BOYD ANSWERS: Dear Wondering:  Although this may appear to be a simple question, the answer is not simple.   Let me start by giving a ve...Read More

Reverse Mortgages – What To think About

QUESTION: What is your opinion and experience with reverse mortgages?  Do you think that is a good option for seniors? And why? ASK YOUR MONEY’S ROSEMARIE BOYD ANSWERS: Dear Reverse Mortgage Questioner: Before I give my opinion on this, I would like to start with a word of caution!   This decision is one which should not be mad...Read More

When And How To Collect?

QUESTION: Husband is 2 yrs, 8 mos younger than I. I am not able to find a job that I can physically do at age 61+. If I begin drawing on my own account in 9 more months, I will get a very small amount and not be able to change to his when he is ready to retire. Also, since I come from a very long lived family, I would like to maximize my amount. He...Read More

Social Security and the Former Spouse

QUESTION: I was married to a veteran who was 100% disabled due to the Viet Nam war.  We were married 11 years then separated would I still be entitled to his social security when I retire? A Former Spouse ASK YOUR MONEY’S ROSEMARIE BOYD ANSWERS: Dear Former Spouse: Yes, you will be eligible for either, the benefit you would have received...Read More


Rosemarie A. Boyd, CFP founded Boyd Financial Strategies, Inc. in 1983 and she serves as the firm’s principal Financial Planner.  Located in Massachusetts, Boyd Financial Strategies offers financial planning, investment planning and management services.  As President of Boyd Financial Strategies, Rosemarie is responsible for all fin...Read More

Cash Settlement Coming

QUESTION: I need some advice, I am 51 and my hubby is 53. He was seriously hurt in a car accident and have no money saved for retirement, we have had to use it all to live on this accident happen 3 years ago. We will very soon be getting a large sum of money or at least large to us. We need a car right now we have no transportation we were also won...Read More

A Mortgage at My Age?

QUESTION: I sold my house for $380,000 and have $250,000 cash left from it.  Now I am looking for another house.  I am living with my boyfriend and sharing rent with him and his son.  My share is $825 a month for rent.    He is on disability and cannot own a house, so I will buy a house.  I was going to buy one an...Read More


John R. Boyd, CFP is Treasurer and Chief Investment Officer for Boyd Financial Strategies, Inc., of Massachusetts.  John has been with the firm since 1985, and as principal investment advisor, he is responsible for all investment counseling services, portfolio strategy and regulatory compliance.  John earned a master’s degree in Bio...Read More

Save for Retirement

QUESTION: I am a single parent in my late 50’s with two kids in college and a third who will start in 4 years.  I work one full-time and one part-time job and can barely make ends meet.  Even though my kids are attending in-state colleges, all my money is going to tuitions.  I have nothing saved for retirement.  I know I s...Read More

Invest more conservatively?

QUESTION: Given the way the cost of living is increasing (cost of oil, gas, food, healthcare, etc.) does it really make sense to invest more conservatively as I approach retirement?  Will I outlive my money?  ASK YOUR MONEY ANSWERS: The time between your initial investment and when you plan to use it as an income stream should still play ...Read More

401(k) or Roth IRA?

QUESTION: I am almost 55 yrs old. I contribute to a 401K at work.  My company does not match or contribute on my behalf in any way.  My current deduction is 30% weekly. I have about nine thousand in my 401K.  I have it invested in "Retirement Fund 2015."   Should I change that? Some people have told me I’d b...Read More

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