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Helen Harlow’s initial career included a faculty appointment at Stonehill College in Massachusetts,  where she taught mathematics to undergraduates.  However, as her family started to grow, she decided to follow her dream – a dream which included providing guidance and assistance in personal care so that her client’...Read More


QUESTION: We’re purchasing a much smaller home for my retirement.  I’ve never used an interior designer before, but a co-worker told me that I could really benefit from it.  What does an interior designer really do and won’t that be an added expense?   ASK YOR NEST:  An interior designer can actually save you t...Read More

Find Contractors for Your Home

Find Top-Rated Local Contractors: Plumbers, Electricians, Decorators, Engineers, and more.  It’s easy….  Just follow these 3 simple steps!   Go ahead, get that project off your "to do" list! Additions & Remodels Air Conditioning & Cooling  Architects, Builders, Engineers   – Architec...Read More

This holiday season, up the wow factor

With the bustle of the holiday season upon us, busy hosts are looking for simple ways to infuse personality and flair into holiday entertaining. To help, Pillsbury has partnered with party planner to the stars, David Tutera, to show how easy it is to create an impressive table at any holiday gathering. "There’s no doubt about it, pie is ...Read More

In Law Apartment

  QUESTION:  My parents are in their late 70’s and we’re thinking of adding on an in-law apartment for them.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing this to my home “ and my life? "YOUR NEST" RESPONDS:  One cannibal to another: I can’t stand my mother-in-law.  Second cannibal: Forget...Read More

Senior Living Renovations

QUESTION:  How do I find contractors who specialize in renovations for senior living?  What questions should I be asking? "YOUR NEST" RESPONDS:  There are 9 areas of one’s home that can be renovated to make the home more comfortable, accessible, and convenient for someone who is aging or someone with a handicap or dis...Read More

Assisted Living for Dad

QUESTION: My father’s 86 and lives alone.  The closest sibling lives a 2-hour drive away from him.  He’s getting more forgetful and much more stubborn.  We think he needs to be in an assisted living home.  How do we approach this with him? "YOUR NEST" RESPONDS: Barry Jacobs, PsyD, a psychologist who has cou...Read More

Finding a Nursing Home

QUESTION:  We need to find a nursing home for my mother “ quickly.  What should we be thinking about when considering different facilities? "YOUR NEST" RESPONDS:  Take a moment to review the article in Your Nest, entitled: How To Tour a Nursing Home.  You’ll find many helpful overview suggestions there. In additi...Read More

Downsizing our memories

QUESTION:  We really love our home “ it’s filled with memories in every room.  But we think we need to downsize.  How do we do that without destroying 25 years of special memories? "YOUR NEST" RESPONDS:  Congratulations on your decision to downsize!  At the same time, memories are such an important part of o...Read More

Journey with Kileen

Kileen Prather has been a Tour Manager since 1997. Her exciting career takes her to between thirty-five to forty states a year. According to Kileen, there aren’t too many places in the US that she hasn’t visited. She absolutely loves traveling and meeting so many wonderful people from all over. In her column for After Fifty Living, Jour...Read More

Journey with Kileen: Welcome to Paradise — Nassau!

Well it’s the Caribbean cruise season and one of my favorite places (although it is not located in the Caribbean, but rather, the Atlantic Ocean) is—Nassau! You can stop on a cruise ship for a few hours or you can fly there and stay as long as you want. It is just a short 45 minute hop on an airplane from Miami. Although the English spo...Read More

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