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Saving family memories

QUESTION:  We really love our home – it’s filled with memories in every room.  But we have so much "stuff" – and I’m thinking that we really need to unload some of it.  How do we do that without destroying 25 years of special memories? ASK YOUR NEST:  Most of us are savers!  It is very easy...Read More







Way too many clothes!

QUESTION: I probably use only one out of every 10 items hanging in my closet.  I’ve made some disastrous – and expensive – shopping mistakes.   I can’t afford to keep making poor choices in selecting clothing.  Are there any rules or guidelines to keep in mind for the next time I shop for clothes?   ...Read More

Frumpy – And in a Rut

QUESTION: I feel old, frumpy, and ugly in my clothes.  I haven’t bought anything new in a while – I put on some weight and thought I would wait to buy new clothes until after I lost the pounds – but that’s not happening.  How do I break out of this fashion rut?   ASK LIFESTYLE ANSWERS: I hear this all the time...Read More

What to wear to the interview?

QUESTION: An upper-level managerial position has opened up at work and I think I would be perfect for it.  In my current position I dress very casually – but all the upper-level managers wear suits and ties.  I don’t fit into any of my old suits – and haven’t worn one in years.  I want to get a new one to wear...Read More


Julie Foley, CIP is the founder and principal of The Consultant of Style, a professional image consulting firm. She is an expert in the field of personal image and style, working with both individuals and corporations across New England.  She is the author of the booklet series, What To Wear To Dress The Part. In 2003 she received the designat...Read More

Flaking Foundation

QUESTION: I’ve started applying a name-brand cream foundation that I purchased at a department store cosmetic counter.  I usually apply it around 6:30 in the morning.  However it starts to dry out and flake on my face by the time lunchtime rolls around.  Does foundation only last for a little while – or am I applying it w...Read More

New Makeup Smells Funny?

QUESTION: I ran out of my favorite lip gloss and bought a replacement  on the Internet from a private party.  When it arrived,  I could tell that the package had never been opened or used before, but when I opened it, it smelled "funny."   Is it okay to use it? ASK LIFESTYLE RESPONDS: Always go with your gut ...Read More

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