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Skin Tags and Gummy Bumps

QUESTION: I have skin tags, but I also been noticing red raised little bumps. My little patient asked why I have red gummy bears on my skin! LOL!  That’s what they kind of look like…gummy. Any clue? ASK HEALTH & FITNESS’S DR. ALEJANDRO ALDANA ANSWERS: Dear "Gummy" Spots: These lesion are called "Senile Angi...Read More

Will I Get It,Too?

QUESTION: Both of my parents had Alzheimer’s when they died.  I’m terrified that I’m going to get it, too.  I’m a 56 year-old man and I have a responsible position.  But I’ve noticed recently that I’m becoming "forgetful."  Is this how it starts?   ASK HEALTH & FITNESS RESPO...Read More

Dad Yells

QUESTION: My father is 89.  He’s bed-ridden and has Alzheimer’s disease.  I lend a hand to take care of him for 2 days every week.  When we start to bathe him, he yells and screams and curses, using very foul language.  What can we do to get him to stop the yelling. ASK HEALTH & FITNESS RESPONDS: You may not...Read More

MOM IS Salting her tea

QUESTION: I suspect there is something beginning to "go wrong" with my 87 year-old mother.  We were in a restaurant last week and she started shaking salt into her tea cup.  I took the salt shaker out of her hand, told her she was shaking salt into the tea and that she should not do that, and then I joking said that we needed to...Read More

Needs to Exercise

QUESTION:  I know I need to exercise.  I’ve bought all the books, clothes, equipment and memberships.  Yet, I just can’t stick to it.  How do I get motivated “ not only to start, but to stick with it? HEALTH & FITNESS RESPONDS:  Some believe that learning to make exercise a habit is just as difficult as qui...Read More

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