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The Job Interview Disconnect

I went to meet an acquaintance at the local coffee shop – and I arrived early. While waiting, a life drama started to play out. A guy in his early-to-mid fifties came in. He was dressed in a good suit (and tie) and as he scanned the place, he seemed quite nervous, uncomfortable. I forgot about him as my guest arrived. Later, though, I saw him...Read More

Pumping Iron

Today I joined a group that dubs itself the Senior Silver Sneakers.� It’s an exercise group at my local gym.� I hate, HATE, HATTTTTE the “Senior” part of the name.� Go ahead – say that I’m in denial.� But the reality is that I do everything within my power to nurture every bit of independence that I possibly ca...Read More

AFL – The Social Center – Progress Update

I’m sure it must seem agonizingly slow – but we ARE making progress with the development of the AfterFiftyLiving Social Center. As things stand now, there will be a section for people’s individual profiles (including general, ed, work, interest categories) and you’ll be able to search for your friends and review their profil...Read More

A Rough Time

It’s been a rough 18 months for my aging mother.First, her younger sister died, probably before her time, of ovarian cancer.Then her husband of 66 years (my father) passed on.He had not been well at all for about 3 years, and so we all considered his death to be a blessing for him.Three months later my mother’s older brother died and a ...Read More

When Your Life Includes a Hoarder

How do I start.I feel ashamed.And it’s not even me. � My mother is a hoarder.For as long as I have known her she has been either “in training” as a hoarder, or a full-blown graduate.She’s now in her late 80′s and I envision that real soon, things will get very complicated. � Growing Up With A Hoarding Parent. My mo...Read More

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