How Do Generational Differences Effect The Workplace?

There have always been multiple generations working side by side. Fresh-faced newcomers, the established middle generation that holds most of the management roles and the older generation of senior executives who are 30 or 40 years into their careers. These age groups each come with their own generational differences, but do they cause friction in ...Read More

Retirement Planning Tips For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is exciting, but entrepreneurs go without the luxury of company-driven retirement plans with matching contributions or strategic deposits. There’s also no one around to remind you that you should be planning for your financial future. Not knowing what your monthly income will look like also makes managing your finances and pl...Read More

Baby Boomers & Millennials Experience Music Differently, Here’s Why.

Baby Boomers are famously important when it comes to the music created in that generation. But a new study shows that the 55+ demographic actually listens to substantially less music than their 16-34 cohorts. In fact, Millennials — loosely defined as those born in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s — listen to 75.1% more music on a daily basis, accordin...Read More

Gay-Friendly Retirement Cities For LGBT Retirees

Every retiree ponders the “where should I retire” question. The standard measurements of happiness in retirement are weather, access to health care, affordability and recreational offerings. Boomers of the LGBT community need to add to the list and often think about “where they will feel welcome.” Using SeniorScore, a data-driven algorithm that det...Read More

4 Tax Tips Every Person Over 50 Needs To Know NOW!

The Baby Boomer generation is swiftly approaching retirement or have already entered it. Understanding the tax code can not only save you money, but it can help you plan your future. Here are five simple tax tips you need to know now. 1. It’s not too late start a retirement saving plans Even if you’re already in retirement, this tax tip...Read More

7 Ways to Make Online Dating Work for You

Online dating seems like an obvious route for those looking for love at any age, but how do you master the art of “meeting” someone through the internet and then meeting them in real life. Often times dating, in general, tends to take us out of our comfort zones and online dating can make the 50+ singles a little wearier than our younger social med...Read More

7 Most Inspirational TEDtalks For Anyone Over 50

For anyone who’s ever watched a TEDtalk online, when it’s over, you’re often left feeling a little smarter, a little more enlightened and a lot more aware of pressing issues that we may not have known about otherwise. We’ve compiled a not to be missed list of the greatest TED talks, specifically geared to the over 50 demographic. We promise you’ll ...Read More

Music Streaming: A Boomer-Friendly Technology

By the time the 1960s arrived, music was embedded in many different facets of our culture. In politics and fashion, music was prevalent. In 2016, almost every aspect of how we receive music has changed. The music industry changes with the time and due to technological advances, consumers of music need to adapt to the new capabilities of the user ex...Read More

What Voters Over 50 Aren’t Hearing in This Election But Need To

No matter your political affiliation, if you are over 60, you might be feeling ignored. Rightfully so, over 60 issues in this election have been skimmed over or ignored completely. Neither candidate has addressed in detail Social Security reform, ageism, Medicare, or any other issues facing the baby boomer generation. The 2016 presidential election...Read More

Getting Back to the Gym: What You Need to Know

It’s time to get back to the gym. Evidence suggests that people who get and stay fit during middle age can better avoid chronic illnesses in their later years. Fitness centers are realizing the value of the fifty something patrons and adjusting their programs to appeal to those needs. Gym goers 55 and older are the fastest growing membership segmen...Read More

Your Next Hobby Could Be One Of These

Whether you are getting ready to retire, or are looking to reinvent yourself, I’m sure you’re already wondering what it is you could be doing in your spare time. This list of hobbies will fill those gaps and provide you with a broad selection of activities to fill up your days, many times while enriching the lives of others. Even if some of these d...Read More

Late-Start Celebs That Will Inspire You

Hollywood heavy hitters didn’t necessarily begin their walk of fame at age 20, Many household names made their debut after age 50. Here are just a few, that will inspire you to get out there and be discovered! 1. Betty White This superstar wasn’t a household name until the age of 51 when she began playing “The Happy Homemaker” Sue...Read More

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