Manager Of The Sex Pistol’s Son Torches Punk Memorabilia

Piles of punk music memorabilia went up in smoke on a river barge in London on Saturday in a protest against how the once rebellious genre has been pushed into mainstream culture. Joe Corre,the son of former Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren and designer Vivienne Westwood, set fire to punk rock clothes and paraphernalia that has been valued at be...Read More

The Original Bond Girls- Dr. No 1962

Meet the original “Bond Girls” from 1962’s Dr. No. Bond Girls will be forever known as a cultural icon of beauty. Rest assured that the objectification and accompanying misogyny doesn’t pass unnoticed. But when all is wrapped up in enough camp and glamour, the Bond Girl remains a popular culture icon around the globe. Ursula Andre...Read More

Age No Longer A Barrier In High Fashion

We’ve seen over 50 celebs grace the runway for their favorite brands, but what about the everyday baby boomer? Getting into couture fashion at any age can have its obstacles, but for Deshun Wang, it’s been an incredible experience. Deshun Wang, the man known as “China’s hottest grandpa” paused from his D.J. duties to poke fun at the cou...Read More

48.5: The Average Age of Action Heroes

Movie stars, especially action heroes, are getting older. In 2015 the average age of an action star was 48.5. “Alpha” male stereotypes are no longer being bussed in to Hollywood and finding the younger generation of men (specifically “Millennials”) to fill these roles are few and far between. Tomi Lahren, a 23-year-old political commentator for The...Read More

86 yr old former model finds love

An 86-year-old grandmother has found love again 24 years after her first husband passed. It’s not just that Millie Taylor-Morrison found love again well after her first husband of 41 years died in 1992, but that she is such a “radiant bride,” as Huffington Post reports. The former model, who stopped working in the industry only af...Read More

Why Luke Perry Turning 50 Is The Best Thing To Happen In 2016

Luke Perry, known by millions as a teen heart throb on 90210 turned 50 recently and graced the cover of AARP magazine. With entertainment, politics and news organizations pushing information to 20 something millennials and the career focused 30 something Gen-Y group- it’s about time 50 somethings are plastered across the internet. With well k...Read More

Couture Fashion Houses Hiring More Models Over 50

The old saying “Age is just a number” couldn’t be more true than it is now, in 2016. With advancements in skincare, nourishing vitamins and an expanding number of high end couture fashion houses hiring models over fifty, it’s the best time to be a baby boomer. Marc Jacobs recently used Sissy Spacek (66) and Bette Midler (70)...Read More

Reading Television by Gary Chalk

You know when we do most of our reading these days? When we watch television! I’m not talking about picking up a book while you sit in front of the television. Work with me… In the good old days families would gather in the living room to watch television. The remote control hadn’t been invented so fathers had to put down their Po...Read More

Late-Start Celebs That Will Inspire You

Hollywood heavy hitters didn’t necessarily begin their walk of fame at age 20, Many household names made their debut after age 50. Here are just a few, that will inspire you to get out there and be discovered! 1. Betty White This superstar wasn’t a household name until the age of 51 when she began playing “The Happy Homemaker” Sue...Read More

What Is Happiness To You?

Happiness is more than a warm puppy for seniors. Happiness is senior discounts, early bird specials and handicap parking. Happiness is grandchildren who call even when it is not your birthday. Happiness is a warm fire and all the books you have yet to read. Happiness is a paid off mortgage and/or a reverse mortgage. Happiness is hearing the word be...Read More

Baby Boomers: The Most Fashion Forward Generation

1960-1980 were revolutionary for political, social and fashion. The early 1960s changed how we viewed important social norms and the 1970s saw political upheavals that transformed feminism and fashion. The influential Baby Boomer generation rocked the fashion world in this important time. Women were engineers, fashion icons, designers and defined k...Read More

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