The “Thirty, Thirty” Method for Buying Garden Mulch

Want a great way to send the guy next door right over the top? I mean so bad that he completely loses it like Sean Spicer at a White House press briefing? You’re going to love this; it is so bad. Here’s what you do… Arrange to have a load of garden mulch dropped off at the end of your driveway on a Saturday morning. Then, stand near your phone… Rin...Read More

7 Things Our Parents Said on Roadtrips

Baby boomers were raised going on family summer road trips.Our parents wanted the family to travel through the countryside– enjoying roadside picnics overrun by ants and staying at motels overrun by spiders. Kids just wanted to get back home and play with their friends. To accomplish this they would sit in the backseat of the car and perfect the ar...Read More

10 Super Funny Cartoons About Getting Older

10 super funny and awesome comics about getting old, grandparents and grandchildren.

My Dog’s Better Than Yours!

Pets. Most of us have at least one. Some are schnoodles, pixie-bobs, and Mexican alligators. Not interested in live critters? Adopt a pet rock, Japanese robo, or silicon jellyfish “living” in neon aquariums. Studies have shown that pets are good for you – even fake ones. They reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and blood pressure. There are three c...Read More

Memory Lane Alert! A Case for the Maytag Lonely Repairman. Oh my…

What you are about to read is the truth. The whole truth. And nothing but the truth. So help me Maytag Lonely Repairman. Here’s what happened… Years ago, Jan and I agreed to purchase a Maytag washer and dryer. We were convinced Maytag was a trusted brand. This was based on exhaustive research: Jan’s comment, “Gary, I feel sorry for that poor Maytag...Read More

Is Tom Hanks A Cool Grandparent?

The ‘Forrest Gump’ Hollywood star thinks he and his wife are the most cool grandparents as they find their grandchildren love to hang around with them. The actor, who recently turned 60,  states that his little grandchildren always keep them entertained. “When you have grandchildren, if you’re with one of them or all three of them, look...Read More

Today would have been Kurt Cobain’s 50th birthday

Today, Kurt Cobain would have celebrated his 50th birthday. The iconic lead singer and songwriter of Nirvana, died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in April of 1994 at the age of 27. “Most of the music is really personal as far as the emotion and the experiences that I’ve had in my life, but most of the themes in the songs aren’...Read More

Is Cuba the next hot spot for U.S baby boomer? Not So Much Yet.

Cuba has seen an increase of popularity and attention following U.S. President Barack Obama’s historic decision to normalize U.S. ties with the island. And many American seemed eager to experience Cuba’s rich past, especially its colonial-era architecture, its Buena Vista Social Club music, 1950s American cars and world-famous rum and c...Read More

High School Sweethearts reunite and marry 50 years later

Alice Martin and Edward Christopher from Pennsylvania were high school sweethearts in the the 60’s and on this Valentine’s Day weekend they are finally saying “I do”, a wedding 50 years in the making. The couple dated back in the late 1960s until he joined the Navy. They each went separate ways and married other people, but both o...Read More

Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin is retiring

Singer plans to record album with Stevie Wonder before she quits, though she will not ‘sit down and do nothing’

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