Whaddya Think, Dr. Fink?

How Old Do You Have To Be?

  How old do you have to be to get only one candle on your birthday cake? How old do you have to be before it’s OK to back out of your driveway without looking? How old do you have to be before the only way to find something lost in your house is to buy a replacement? Let’s face it. Life is funny. We have to laugh about things like body parts ...Read More

Nana’s Storybook

They think I’m crazy. I can name every resident and their address in 17th century New Amsterdam – but only a few of my present neighbors. I can tell you what foods came from Dutch New York – but can’t eat any of them because of my “healthy” diet. Would you like to know what Peter Stuyvesant wore in 1664? No problem – even though I can’t remem...Read More

Time Talk

Time. It’s not what it used to be. Particularly this time of year. Time becomes more intrusive as we approach that day when we stay up late, watch a silly clock slide down a building, and celebrate with champagne in tacky plastic glasses. To make matters worse, we have to change the year in checks, bills, and calendars that have run out of ti...Read More

How I Became Bipolar

Bipolar. That’s what they call people who have traveled to both the north and sound ends of the Earth. No surprise – you have to be a bit manic to even think of going there. It began in Alaska. I was invited to participate in a Native American grant that sent authors to schools in Alaska bush towns. My “town” was Barrow – the northernmost cit...Read More

The Nana Monster

Tech was always my best friend. As the daughter of an electronic engineer, I had the first TV in the neighborhood. When desktops arrived in the 80s, I quickly climbed aboard. I was an author – I had to go digital. My first computer was a 1982 “portable” called Kaypro 2. It weighed a svelte 26 pounds – about the same as my 2-...Read More

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