A Shared Story: Ten Days Away

September 11, 2001 was ten days away from my wedding date. We would be leaving for Las Vegas soon with my fiance’s daughter and husband. One other couple would be coming along to help us celebrate. I was at work when suddenly the radio station made a devistating announcement that the Twin Tower had been hit. A plane flew directly into it. As ...Read More

A Shared Story: Do You Have Your Affairs in Order?

The last thing on your mind right now is writing a will or thinking about putting your assets in a trust. Afterall, you’re too busy living. The thing is, when you die, what happens to everything you’ve worked so hard for? Yes, discussing your will, trust, powers of attorney and living will is downright depressing. However, a good Trust ...Read More

A Shared Story: Listen To Yourself

Born in Houston to educator-turned-entrepreneur parents, I attended both public and private schools, earning a degree in sociology in 1974.  At 37, after securing work and building a house in Austin, I settled down in my hometown of choice.  Soon afterward, I went back to school and earned a business degree from The University of Texas wi...Read More

A Shared Story: Prostate Cancer – A Disability Advocate’s View of My Remaining Life

First, it’s really hard to be down in the dumps about the News of the Cancer because I have been living with Multiple Disabilities and Illnesses since 1990. When I got the News from the VA Hospital, over the Telephone, at about 7:00 A.M. it was like Receiving/Watching the News. It Sounds bad but now what? Thankfully, being a Disability Advoca...Read More

A Shared Story: Light Sleeper 9/10

As in my state of Mass there are often visitors from places who have no round-abouts, I often give way when these perplexed folks get stymied and stuck in one. On my way home for lunch a few days prior to 9/11, I came across such a situation. In a white van with jersey plates was the small head and distressed face of muhamad atta, stressing out.. i...Read More

In Her Own Words (A Shared Story): Empty Bed, Broken Heart, and Hugs

The enormous bed, with its fine sheets and white comforter is anything but comforting, after the death of a spouse. Widowed over two years ago, I could not scrunch across the vast, white, cool Siberian spaces of the marriage bed after his death, until this spring. I stayed so far on my side that one night I actually tumbled onto the floor. As the ...Read More

A Shared Story: A River of Passion

At age seventy five I am amazed that I still have the fire, the energy, the faculty and the passion to write.  After publishing two books after I turned seventy, Time of Triumph, an anthology and Winds of Wildfire, a novel, I have returned to a novel I started twelve years ago.  That first manuscript is 184 pages long.  Now I am doin...Read More

A Shared Story: Family With Prostate Cancer

My father in law developed prostate cancer in his mid 70’s.  He had his blood tests every year and it showed up.  So, he went directly to his doctor and had a "seed" procedure done and he did just fine.  But this is the way he always was.  Very direct, matter of fact and straight forward.  It was a bit of sh...Read More

A Shared Story: My Life

There is not much to tell of my life. I served in the Army from June 1973 to January 1990 which included reserve service.  Married in 1984 and divorced in 1990 after I caught her messing around. One son now grown and living on his own. Separated from the Service in 1990, tried to go back to school but real life kept getting in the way. I took ...Read More

A Shared Story: After 50, After My Mother

I turned 50 in March of 2007. I don’t know what I expected, but something.  It happened about 6 months later; my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  I can’t say I was shocked – she’d had both breast and lung cancer prior to this diagnosis. She died a scant five weeks later.  Within 18 months, I lost my...Read More

A Shared Story: 69 and Feeling Fine

At 50 I weighed 230, wore size 26 and felt like 90.  Found awesome diet/way of eating, lost 90# in 6 months.  Lost car so rode bicycle 8.2 miles to work at age 65, got interested in fitness, joined a gym at 68.  Went on Carnival Cruise at 69 and did underwater walking and extreme canopy in Puerta Viarta. Now I am changing my eating h...Read More

A Shared Story: But I Only Want To Help

What’s that expression – the road to hell is paved with good intentions? It felt that way to me. Many times when I THOUGHT I was being helpful my efforts were not met with much enthusiasm by those I thought I was helping. In some cases the person was down right angry. I use to be the Queen of Good Intentions. I was quick to point out a ...Read More

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