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What Changes We’ve Seen!

NOTE:  This appeared 2 years ago.  We are thinking this is good “food for thought” in our Covid-19 era. Well, I’m giving it another try.  Back in February , we attempted hip replacement surgery – but, long story short, it turned out I had an allergy I wasn’t aware of – so the surgery was called off.  But today we...Read More

Are We Our Own Worst Enemy? Age = Less?

I used to like being told I look great for my age. It was a super ego-booster, made me feel special. But what did that remark really mean? It meant that the person making the remark has a stereotypical view of what older people SHOULD look like. And I didn’t fit their stereotype. It wasn’t really a compliment. It was a remark tainted with prejudice...Read More

The Financial Burden of Alzheimer’s Care

By 2050, Alzheimer’s disease is expected to cost the nation as much as $1.1 trillion, afflicting 13.8 million people. While caring for an Alzheimer’s patient can cost $174,000 or more over their lifetime, many people have no plan when it comes to this debilitating disease, according to new research from WebMD and Shriver Media. Great fi...Read More

Reduce Risk of Dementia. Get Hearing Aids!

Researchers have known for years that hearing loss seems to increase the risk of dementia. Now there’s evidence that hearing aids can mitigate that risk. Hearing aids stave off dementia A French study that followed thousands of older people for 25 years recently found that hearing aids seem to protect against cognitive decline. People who use...Read More

9 Common Misconceptions about IRAs

IRAs are complicated retirement vehicles, so it’s not surprising that people get tripped up by them. Blame IRS rules for all the confusion. Some misconceptions are innocuous, while others can lead to serious tax blunders. Don’t feel bad; even financial advisers get tripped up by the intricate rules of IRAs. Figuring out how the accounts...Read More

A Retiree’s Guilty Pleasure – by Suzanne G. Beyer

Carol Ann Anderson decided to follow her passion for arts and crafts during retirement…in a big way! She would open a business. As her Bothell, WA home continued to swell with yarn, beads, stones, fabric, wires, sewing machines and camera equipment, what possibly could have been her husband, John’s, reaction! “For John, who has always t...Read More

10 Ways to Get Healthier and Spread It Around Like A Virus

  I am not talking about trips to the gym, nor fitness classes, not even an incredible diet. Are you wondering….what the heck?  All based in science and my personal and professional experience.   So even if you are ill or infirm or otherwise physically challenged, you can be healthier –  and spread it like ripples to others you come...Read More

What Happened to Exciting, Fun Winters?

I wondered as I looked out the window watching the snow falling on trees and lawns.  Well, I remember that heavy wet snow made great snow balls waiting for my brother’s back.  And fluffy flurries falling so much that it sat on my lashes like a bookshelf.  Opened lips could catch the flakes so I could taste God’s many geometric creations.   They tas...Read More

Ghosts of Memories of Christmas Past

Since my Moms death was on Christmas Day, 3 years back, it seemed imperative that I recall what happy times occurred to us as a family with our family of four (Johnny & I were young) then came baby Mickey, in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I asked myself, if I don’t recall and share, then who would…….I delight in this chosen job of joy&...Read More

Staying In Shape – Through Travel

I’m often asked how I stay fit “for my age.” For the record, I’m only 62. I’ve been traveling for most of my adult life, but only recently did I start to view travel as a fun and easy way to stay in shape. It all started back in 2006 when my son Jared and I had the crazy idea to see the world’s highest mountain – Mt. Everest. Not being professional...Read More

Now What Do I Do? Any Advice?

My kids are grown and my best friend and life mate of 35 years passed five years ago. I always thought we would retire and travel together. I’ve always been the mom, aunt, sister, nana, friend and all around goodhearted person. I’ve always been there for my whole family. The one everyone could depend on for anything, which caused very l...Read More

Silver Liners – by Mary Stripling

The invitation was clear: “You are invited to a silver polishing party at my house on April 13, at 10 am. Be a dear and be here!” Of course we were there — all five of us. Who would dare say no to Nancy? Had she not been there for each of us through every cloudburst of our lives? In fact, we had been there for each other through more years than any...Read More

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