Laverne’s View

Laverne's View: Don't Say a Word

Have you noticed that the craze today is to reveal as much about ourselves as possible without uttering a word?  Before a person even says hello we have knowledge of his inner-most feelings and beliefs. How? All we have to do is look at his car, wrist, chest, head or derriere to instantly gain insight into who he is.  Take bumper stickers...Read More

Laverne’s View: The Agony of Defeet

I recently learned about a craze that’s been added to the growing list of body mutilations for beautification. Doctors whittle away and add to all parts of our body. They stick needles into our foreheads, jaw lines, lips and breasts. Tattoo artists shoot permanent ink under our skin. We have holes pierced into our faces, and various other bod...Read More

Laverne’s View: Cookie Monsters

Yesterday I did something I haven’t done in years. I pigged out. I stuffed a whole box of cookies down my throat because I couldn’t stop.   If you have no understanding of pigging out, then nothing I say here will be of interest to you. Either your eating habits are under control or you actually prefer carrots over carrot cake. In ...Read More

Laverne’s View: Challenging My Legacy

Today, I left the house without making my bed. This may not sound like a big deal, but for me it was the ultimate act of rebellion and bravery. My mother warned me years ago that such abhorrent behavior could result in consequences of epic proportion; like what if unexpected company shows up and thinks I’m a slob?  Or, suppose the Bed Pa...Read More

Laverne’s View: Camping – Not for Sissies

A friend in California wrote to me extolling the delights of camping. She went on to proudly describe her ingenuity in preparing a dozen ice cream filled cones, packing them with dry ice and finding them frozen and in tact several hours later when she arrived at her designated camp site and served them to her grandchildren. I admit to being impress...Read More

Laverne’s View: Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life

It was October 6, 1960 as I sat with my mother in a local diner.  I’d phoned her because I was having peculiar feelings in my belly and needed reassurance.  I was in the ninth month of my first pregnancy and even though my due date was in two days I knew I couldn’t possibly be in labor, because when I asked my doctor, How will...Read More

Laverne’s View: A Message of Hope

After forty seven years of marriage, five children and fourteen grandchildren, my husband, Marc, lost his beloved wife to Alzheimer’s. Phyllis’s illness spanned ten cruel, heart wrenching years during which Marc was her soul care giver. Several years ago our old friend, Harry, from California, sent us an e-mail expressing concerns that ...Read More

Laverne’s View: Closet Man

After an unfulfilling twenty one year marriage, I divorced and savored single life for twenty three years. I loved my independence and knew I would never again subjugate my identity to maintain a peaceful relationship. If I couldn’t find a man whose interests and temperament matched mine I was perfectly happy to remain forever single. I loved...Read More

Laverne’s View: An Ordinary Day

I awaken early so I can get to my computer and write while the day is fresh and tranquil. In the midst of deep thought my phone rings and although I ignore it at first, I feel a tug at my heart because it might be my daughter, who phones most mornings — usually to report some progress her baby has made, like eating pudding with a spoon, or gr...Read More

Laverne’s View: Dancing Through The Pain

I opened an e-mail that included a video of a 94 year old woman dancing the two-step. Background music was Gene Kelly’s classic Singing in the Rain. Before executing her amazing agility, she demonstrated what a 94 year old is expected to look like, by entering the dance floor slowly, pushing a walker. Her dance partner, a much younger man, at...Read More

Laverne’s View: I’m Driving Him Crazy

My boyfriend, Larry, always criticizes my driving. You drive too fast, he complains. Keep both hands on the wheel. Didn’t you see that stop sign? Blah, blah, blah. It’s not as though his attacks are justified. The last accident I had wasn’t even my fault. I’d been drooling over this George Clooney look-alike who was stand...Read More

Laverne’s View: Young at Heart

We were in Puerto Vallerta, seated outdoors at a romantic seaside restaurant. A waiter walked over and asked for our drink order. I looked up at him and had to catch my breath. He was about twenty-eight, with jet black hair, deeply tanned skin, pearly white teeth and a killer smile that showcased two perfect dimples. He was flawless. I leaned into ...Read More

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