Laverne’s View

Who Am I Kidding?

I don’t linger over the fact that I’m disintegrating at jet speed. Instead, I wake up each morning in a positive frame of mind. I think about all I’d like to accomplish that day: marketing, laundry, bungee jumping. Then I hang my feet over the edge of the bed, prepare to stand and ……….. Ouch. Groan. Moan……… Wait!...Read More

Do Not Disturb!

Most nights I have a terrible time falling asleep. My mind is never fully at rest. I turn on my ceiling fan…winter and summer…punch my pillow to mold it into my neck, pull up my quilt, get into position and close my eyes. It’s then I remember I have to phone Cynthia with directions to the restaurant we’re meeting at on Wednesday, work on a Letter o...Read More

10 Hours

10 Hours – The total length of time I spent in the Emergency Room at Newton Memorial Hospital. Four of those hours I sat in the outer waiting room where my complaint of being unable to breath was accepted as trivial compared to that of the man who walked in carrying his finger in a jar. Three of those hours were spent on my back, on what the ...Read More

Technology Gives Me A Headache!

I didn’t want a cell phone. I was perfectly content with my land line telephone and felt no need to reach out, touch or be touched by anyone. I loved the quiet periods that came with driving, and wandering through shops and parks, alone and non-communicative. Now if I don’t answer my phone in the middle of dinner at a restaurant, callers worry and ...Read More

Unsupported Evidence

  Are women better off without wearing bras? This topic on nighttime news, squeezed between Korea’s nuclear threats and the start of baseball season, had women voicing some strong opinions. I, of course, am one of those women. My first reaction was a resounding, “OMG! YES! YES! YES!” Jean Denis Rouillon, a professor at the University of Franche Com...Read More

Laverne’s View: Human Body Shops

As a result of modern medicine, medical advances, and public education, the average human life span has risen from age 45 in 1840 to 85 in 2000. Bruce J. Klein, director at the Immortality Institute in Alabama, questions whether we will find a cure for aging altogether, or will life span peak at some natural limit.  I believe I have a viable sugges...Read More

Laverne's View: A Weekend with Sam

I am a high energy person. You’d be hard pressed to find me sitting still any longer than I have to, so if I tell you I’m exhausted you’d better believe I’ve been covering far more ground than usual. My ten year old granddaughter, Sam, visited me for a weekend and begged me to take her to the mall. “You know I hate mal...Read More

Laverne's View: The Final Talk

Recently, we hosted the third in a series of three life-altering, talks. The first TALK was the SEX TALK, back when my children were pre-teens. It left me traumatized when I learned that they knew far more about the topic than I did.  The second TALK was about DRUGS. I had been actively involved in a Drug Awareness program in town and, consequ...Read More

Laverne's View: Let It All Hang Out

My friend Sue was in her mid fifties when she decided she wanted to be an exotic dancer. I did my best to talk her out of it, but she had friends who danced – all younger than she – and they were making great money, so she thought she could, also. Her goal was to work until she saved enough to open a specialty bakery. Then she would qui...Read More

Laverne’s View: The Art of Casual (??) Entertaining

My girlfriend, Bobbie, e-mailed me and said she was on her way out to pick up a coffee cake. She had company coming for breakfast in a little while.  I wrote back and asked her to teach me how to be that relaxed. I would have bought that coffee cake the day before and had it on a doily, on a cake dish, already sliced and covered with plastic wrap. ...Read More

TV Or Not TV – That Is The Question

I love television. Highly intelligent people say things like, “Television is boring, predictable, and a waste of life. I’ve got better things to do with my time, like develop a theorem, learn conversational Hieroglyphics, dye Easter eggs for the annual Presidential Easter egg hunt.” Truth be known, I look forward every evening to ...Read More

Laverne's View: Hell – Not On the Map, But I Was There!

I have no idea how I injured my back, but the results landed me flat out in knife-twisting agony for nearly three weeks. I’ve had back problems before but nothing compared to this torture – not even back in 1985 when the medics came, hoisted me off my bedroom floor and carried me to the Emergency Room, where the doctor instructed me to ...Read More

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