Journey with Kileen

Journey with Kileen: Palm Springs, CA – a Desert Oasis

I am visiting my son in Yuma, AZ for the  winter so I thought I would write about a few places out in this area, especially since I come here on tour quite frequently.   First up, Palm Springs, CA.  But before we talk about this city, a little bit of knowledge about the Southwestern deserts is probably in order.  There are four ...Read More

Journey with Kileen: Cozumel – A Paradise Island

It’s getting close to winter time and that means one thing for many.  Thoughts of a winter vacation in the Caribbean.  Many people like to take cruises and if that is you, check out my article on cruising for some good tips.  Others like to fly to a destination and soak up the sun and sand at a beach resort. One of the more pop...Read More

Journey with Kileen: Omaha, Nebraska – A Prairie Town

Recently I found myself on a tour that stayed several nights in Omaha.  I have to admit I thought it wouldn’t be a very fun place, but I was pleasantly surprised. In Nebraska, the rolling prairie is so dominate that many pioneers used to compare it to an ocean as they sailed their prairie schooners across the Oregon and Mormon trails.&nb...Read More


I have to say this is my favorite type of vacation. Since I am in hotels over one hundred nights a year, when I go on vacation, I like to unpack once but keep moving.  And that is exactly what a cruise ship does.  My brothers and I try to take at least one cruise a year (although lately I have done some for my job, too).  Living in T...Read More

Journey with Kileen: Salt Lake City – Simply Spectacular!

Continuing with my series on cities, I have always been intrigued by Salt Lake City, or abbreviated as SLC.  The first time I visited this city back in the 1980’s, I could feel the history as I walked down the streets. The Mormon pioneers came here and worked hard to turn the desert into productive farm country, giving the state the...Read More

Journey with Kileen: St. Louis – National Expansion and Gateway to the West

Continuing on with my series on cities, St Louis is another Midwestern city with so much to offer.    I think sometimes my travelers get tired of me saying the rivers were the roads.  But it is oh so true, especially in the case of this city known as the Gateway To The West. St. Louis began as a trading post in 1764. ...Read More

Journey with Kileen: Oklahoma City, OK – A Cowboy Town

Continuing with my series on cities you might find interesting in the U.S., next up is the Western city of OKC. This is another fun town to visit with lots of things to do.  Since much of the city is reflected in its history, I need to start there. Just over 150 years ago several Native American tribes were forced marched from the East to the ...Read More

Journey with Kileen: St. Augustine, FL – Oldest City in the US

St. Augustine is another city I like with lots to do.  It is the oldest occupied European settlement in the US.  In April of 1513 Ponce de Leon landed in the area looking for the Fountain of Youth.  Although it was claimed by the French, the city was eventually given to England.  In the 16th & 17th centuries, pirates sacked ...Read More

Journey with Kileen: Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg – Smokey Mountain Fun

The latest Value tour for my company, Mayflower Tours, is The Sea Islands, including Beaufort, Savannah and Charleston.  I have already talked about those areas in a previous article but on the way home we spend two nights in Pigeon Forge. The whole area is very commercial and touristy but the scenery is outstanding and it is definitely a fun ...Read More

Journey with Kileen: Memphis – More than Music

For the last few articles I have discussed National Parks and places tour companies might take you. But I also want to write about a few cities that have so much to offer on their own, in case you find yourself there. Everyone knows about N.Y., L.A., and Chicago but I want to discuss some smaller cities that also have a lot to recommend. First up&#...Read More

Journey with Kileen: The Lodges of Glacier National Park

I wrote a previous article about a tour I take to Glacier National Park but since this is one of my top favorite parks in the US, I wanted to give a little more information about the lodges in the park. Glacier is in Montana right next to Alberta, Canada, so it is not the easiest place to get to. It is called the Crown Jewel of the Continent and t...Read More

Journey with Kileen: South Dakota – Mt. Rushmore, the Badlands, and Deadwood

My in-laws lived in Wyoming and we spent the first twenty years of our married life traveling every summer from Northern Illinois to Wyoming. We were very fortunate because all it cost us was our gas, out and back, and a hotel, going and coming. Often my father-in-law would give us some gas money for our trip, so it was almost like a free vacation....Read More

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