Journey with Kileen

Journey with Kileen to Virginia Beach, Virginia

I recently did a “food tour” of Virginia Beach, Virginia. But before we arrived there we made a couple of other stops. If you visit you will find a lot of history in this area. We had so little time, we were not able to see much of the area historically. However, if you visit, plan to stop at the Jamestown Settlement and Williamsburg wh...Read More

Journey with Kileen on Amtrak

With summer upon us, many people are thinking creatively about their summer vacations.  Traveling by train can be a very fun experience if you have the proper expectations. Riding trains can be an awesome experience.  There is a definite romance with riding the rails. And, you encounter many train buffs along the way who have fascinating stories of...Read More

Journey with Kileen: The Olympic Peninsula in the Pacific Northwest

Do you know the least visited National Park? While the Smoky Mountain National Park is the most visited park in the US, Olympic National Park in Washington State is the least visited. If you are staying in Seattle there are two ways to get to the peninsula. You can drive south towards Olympia and take Highway 101 or you can take the ferry to Bainbr...Read More

Journey with Kileen: Reno and Lake Tahoe, NV

Reno, “The Biggest Little City In The World” as it bills itself is a fun area to visit.  It doesn't have the glitz of Las Vegas but it is at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in a high desert.  Because of this, winters are somewhat mild and although summers can be hot, it always cools down at night. The population i...Read More

Journey with Kileen: Columbus, Ohio

Last summer I was out researching a tour for my company and ended up in Ohio. I have been to several cities in Ohio over the years. There really are a lot of places and attractions to discover in that state. And when I got to Columbus, it reminded me of a tour I had done there previously. Columbus is a city that makes for a great Mystery tour. Ther...Read More

Journey with Kileen: The Florida Keys

************Hey, guess what? I have a new book out and it is available on Amazon! I write Travel Romance stories that are classified as “Boomer Lit.” They are romance stories for 50+ and the problems they encounter. The stories also read like travelogues. “Journey Beckons”...Read More

Journey with Kileen: Yosemite National Park

This last February my brother and I took the train to Yosemite National Park (well sort of&hellip ).   We got on the Pacific Surfliner at 8:00 a.m. from Oceanside, California to L.A. The ride from Oceanside to San Juan Capistrano was awesome. We followed the Pacific Ocean sometimes high up on bluffs and other times right down ne...Read More

Journey with Kileen: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall–anytime is a good time to visit Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. My company has a bus tour out of Chicago to Myrtle Beach in the spring and fall. Did you know that Myrtle Beach is referred to as the “Branson of the East Coast”? Although the population is low at under 30,000, because of the way it is si...Read More

Journey with Kileen: The Lodges of Yellowstone

Summer is almost upon us and with the brutal winter many had to endure, the thoughts of vacations can't be too far away. Do you know the most visited National Park? … Great Smoky National Park.  Why is this true?  50% of the U.S. population lives within a 500 mile radius of that park so it is easy to get to and there are n...Read More

Journey with Kileen: Sedona, Arizona

Every time we have a tour that goes west anywhere near Flagstaff, whether to Tucson or Palm Springs, I try and find a way to take my travelers to Sedona. The red rock country of Sedona lives up to all its hype. If you are coming from Flagstaff, for scenery rather than driving the interstate, you should take Oak Creek Canyon Drive to get there. The ...Read More

Journey with Kileen to Tucson in the Desert Southwest

Tucson is the second largest city in Arizona (next to Phoenix) but it has more of a small town atmosphere. The population in the city is a little over 400,000 and over 750,000 in the greater metro area. The city boasts that it has 3,800 hours of sunshine a year and although hot in the summer, it is usually a little cooler than Phoenix. There are mo...Read More

Journey with Kileen: Laughlin, NV; the Colorado River; and the Dams of the Desert South

Did you know there are only 7 bridges in a 750 mile section of the Colorado River?  This is because the terrain is so harsh.  After 9/11 they started building another bridge next to the Hoover Dam (but far enough away so a large vehicle would not contain a bomb and blow up the dam).  They started in 2002 and finished in 2012.  T...Read More

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