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Ovarian Cancer: The Risks & Actions to Avoid It

Newsweek magazine asked, What did comedienne Gilda Radner, singer Laura Nyro and actress Jessica Tandy have in common? The answer was, All three were great performers “ and all three died of ovarian cancer.  (Underwood A.  Newsweek. Spring/Summer 1999; p44.)  Although it accounts for only 3% of cancers in women and is much less com...Read More

Changes in Weight and Metabolism

Older adults aren’t aged versions of younger adults any more than children are younger versions of adults. Each stage of life functions slightly differently with different strengths and weaknesses. Menopause and aging in general is associated with changes in both our genes and in our metabolism. In fact, you don’t have to be that old. Y...Read More

Heart Disease and Menopause

Cardiovascular heart disease (CVD) is the number one killer in women over age 65 and the second leading cause of death among women ages 45 to 64. More women die from cardiovascular disease than all other causes of deaths such as lung cancer, breast cancer, stroke and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) combined. So, it’s a critical i...Read More

Twelve Essential Tests for Menopausal Women: Part 1

So many things are changing during perimenopause and perimenopause that it can be difficult to know what is normal and what is not. Every day can be a new experience “ not necessarily a bad one. That is why it is so important to keep a close eye on your health. With so many years likely to be ahead of you, it’s much better to stay well than t...Read More

Hot Flashes in Peri-Menopause / Menopause: My Top 5 OTC Supplements

In my previous blog post, Hot flashes: 5 Tips for Considering OTC Supplements, I provided you with tips for taking OTC supplements to improve your hot flashes. Now, I would like to discuss which supplements to take, the appropriate dosage, and the products in which you can find the supplement. Later this week I’ll talk about two foods you ca...Read More

Hot Flashes: 5 Tips for Considering OTC Supplements

If hot flashes are making your life unbearable, OTC remedies may be a solution to consider. Over-the-counter supplements can provide non-estrogen relief for women experiencing premenopausal hot flashes but, like anything worthwhile, it takes some patience and commitment. That’s not something people want to hear especially today when we’...Read More

The ‘Movement’ Movement

We recently saw a year of "movements:" Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street. Make this year the year you join a movement; one I call "The Movement Movement!" That’s right. Don’t just sit there. Lace up your sneakers, call a friend and occupy Any Street. More and more people are doing it and it works because they...Read More

How Not To Fall This Fall

With Fall in the air, and leaves, ice and snow beginning to layer the ground, the risk of taking a fall begins its season as well. This is particularly true for people over the age of 65 or those who have physical disabilities or reduced vision. One in four people who live at home and are over 65 will fall within the next year and 65% of all falls ...Read More

Asleep At The Wheel

Too little sleep has become a public health epidemic affecting up to 70 million Americans and contributing to an increase of blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and obesity. I’ve created an audio CD about Sleep and Your Health as part of my 6 CD Health Accelerator series. For this "Health Matters and Why it Matters to You" I wan...Read More

Do You Know Your Vitamin D Level?

Do you know your vitamin D level? Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin. Since 10 million Americans over age 50, and over 40% of the entire population are low in this essential vitamin, I’m not surprised to find low levels every week among my menopause patients. But the reality literally ‘came home’ recently when three of my family me...Read More

Even A Fish Gets Fat Without Exercise

On a trip to Alaska I saw salmon jumping repeatedly upstream, moving against the current and sometimes even swimming to higher elevations. What an amazing example of "exercise" in nature. Wild salmon is an excellent source of protein, omega-3 fats and vitamin D. It’s one of my favorite foods. But their couch-potato counterparts, far...Read More

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