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The Falk’s Test

It was February in New England, and the Blizzard of ’78 immobilized the entire region. Highways were shut, cars abandoned in helter-skelter fashion as the unsuspecting

Feeling Disappointed

I used to feel if I was stranded on an island for two weeks and did not have access to a telephone, television or computer that I would go stir crazy and have an anxiety attack.   Thinking about it clearly, I am realizing that maybe all these devices are actually causing me stress. Let me explain: ​While I am not a huge television watcher I do enjo...Read More

Resolutions? No Thanks! I’d Rather Do Jokes!

The new year had arrived and the day after the ball dropped in Times Square we were packing the car and heading home as our holiday visit was coming to an end and it was time to say good-bye.  I made a resolution not to cry as I hugged my son and we quickly got the dreaded moment over with to try to avoid feeling sad.  It was only the second day of...Read More

Sunday Dinner

Do you remember being a kid and all you  could do on Sunday was go to church and then spend the rest of the day with family having dinner? I do! My very hard working Mother would return home from 9 AM mass, change out of her church clothes and into her cobbler apron and start preparing a Sunday dinner which was either roast beef or roast chicken.  ...Read More

How Do You Like It

As I sit on my balcony on this quiet morning I cannot believe it has been over a month since we packed up the car and left our life in Queens New York to begin this new chapter  in Suwanee Georgia.    I suddenly see the door leading onto the patio of my neighbor swing open and out comes their toddler dancing around and waving at me.  I smile thinki...Read More

Take Good Care of Yourself

Button up your overcoat when the wind is free, take good care of yourself you belong to me!  This is a line from a song and to be totally honest I cannot tell you the rest of the lyrics.  I just remember hearing my Aunt sing it when I was a child.  Taking care of others is important to many of us. I posted a survey a few weeks ago asking what part ...Read More

Am I Impatient?

On a quiet Saturday morning I sat in my bedroom with my first mug of freshly brewed coffee and felt the crisp breeze coming from the bedroom window. The street outside was clear and peaceful after a rainy night and the sun peeked through the sheer curtain covering the window. In the quiet of the early morning I remembered I had not written a blog i...Read More

Number One Hits

Emmy’s, Oscars, Grammy’s.  Every year we honor the number one hits in television, movies and music with awards and celebrations.  I sometimes wonder if the ordinary person deserves awards too.  In the quest to be number one do we sometimes lose sight of what is important? ​I am a huge fan of the award winning performer Adele and could n...Read More


It is a beautiful December afternoon and I should be crossing things off of my ever growing Christmas to-do list but chose instead to relax with a cup of coffee and my laptop.  I have lived to celebrate almost 56 Christmas holidays and have learned this time of year is magical because somehow everything gets purchased, wrapped, sealed, mailed and c...Read More

I Wasn’t Her Friend

When I was a young girl there was a special woman in my life who did not care if I liked her as her role was not to be my friend.  I will admit she made me mad sometimes and I did not always agree with her but I knew enough to listen to her. There were 40 years between us and I smile thinking how she was so much different at 56 than I am today.  On...Read More

Every Yes Counts

When I was younger I thought as I got older my days would be less busy.  I smile as I type this blog this morning at how happy I am that I was wrong.  At this wonderful age of 56 I am busier than ever and feeling happier than I have in a while I will admit I was quite nervous when I said yes to a nursery teacher’s aide position at our church ...Read More

Just Yesterday

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon as we drove to the neighborhood I was raised.  While it is only fifteen minutes from the apartment we now live I refer to it as the old neighborhood.  Despite “never leaving home” so much has changed. The hobby shop I bought arts and crafts for school projects is now a hair salon, the candy store on...Read More

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