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What’s Next for Social Security?

Key Points Social Security’s 2018 cost of living adjustment will be the largest in six years For many, higher Social Security benefits will be offset by increased costs for Medicare The Social Security system faces long-term challenges, but may be healthier than you think In recent years, Social Security recipients have had to settle for little or ...Read More

Top 13 Most Annoying Things About Getting Older

Yes, we already know that growing older means you’ve accumulated a good deal of wisdom and entertaining stories (and a few bad jokes…thank Uncle Peter!!) However, on the flip side, there’s a sharp downside, too. What are the most annoying things about getting older? Dealing with illness financially and emotionally. The cost of healthcare can easily...Read More

“Your Call Is Important To Us”

Three weeks. That’s how long it’s been since my wife and I purchased our his and her cellphones. The first week we had a moment of weakness—similar to when the Democrats selected Hillary Clinton to be their candidate. I still don’t know what happened but we got so excited that before we knew it we were unpacking the cell phones from their box—it wa...Read More

What Will You Receive in Lifetime Social Security Benefits?

Social Security is a tricky little entity. It’s a good one, we get steady monetary payments throughout retirement, but the details are somewhat elusive. For example, it’s difficult to budget your retirement if you don’t know how much you have to work with – what’s your monthly income? Social Security is an important lifestyle factor, so getting an ...Read More

Successful Entrepreneur Starts a New Business at Age 75

Think you’re too old to embark on a business venture? Tom Chappell, of Tom’s of Maine fame, doesn’t think so. The 75 year-old sold off his all-natural dental line to Colgate in 2012 for a cool $100 million. Considering those details, the then 70 year-old could enjoy a very comfortable retirement. Instead, he’s embarked on a new venture, starting fr...Read More

How Much Money Should You Have Saved by The Time You Retire?

One of the most put off expenses for working adults is retirement savings. The period of time we spend working is more than forty years – that’s a long time to save! During the first years of work, entry level paychecks barely cover basic expenses, which means it’s not easy, or even feasible, to save for retirement. While this is understandable, wh...Read More

Weighing Social Security Income During Retirement

As you get closer to retirement age, you’re probably taking a peak at the Social Security statement. Will it be enough? Most seniors find relying Social Security benefits alone don’t nearly cover all expenses. In fact, some even have to pick up a job again so they can make ends meet. That idea may not bother you now, but when you finally hit the re...Read More

Tax Reform: How the New Tax Law May Impact You

Recently, Congress passed a new tax reform bill. Analysts at Ameriprise Financial have identified some areas that may affect taxpayers now and in the future. Tax rates and brackets The law reduces tax rates and adjusts income brackets for taxpayers, including individual filers and married couples filing jointly. However, the number of individual ta...Read More

How to Become Financially Free from Adult Children

We love our children. We want to support them and watch them grow into stable, happy adults. But sometimes adulthood gets stalled, financially. It’s a normal part of the foray into adulthood; high rent, low pay, high debt, low expendable cash. For your adult children, the trouble with starting out isn’t just learning to manage that paycheck, but to...Read More

The After-50 New Job, Better Job Challenge. 5 Tips To Make It Happen!

Now that we’ve entered 2018 it’s the time of year that many people start thinking about improving their careers.  After 50 this might mean upgrading from your current job, moving into a more passion-driven career or semi-retirement job, or returning to work after voluntary retirement or unemployment. Here’s the good news: this is the best time of y...Read More

6 ways to connect with your grandchildren using technology

Grandparents all over are learning that, when used without fear, technology can be an exciting bridge between generations. How to get started? Start by asking your grandchildren to show you what they like to do on the computers or smartphones.

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