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5 Ways Tech Is Changing Retirement

There was a time when growing older meant relying on family or hired help to assist with health, cognitive and financial issues. While we may not be leading fully automated lives like the characters in futuristic movies and sci-fi novels, new technological advances are allowing many people to live independently for much longer. Whether you want to ...Read More

Don’t make these common mistakes then relocating in retirement

Some Americans dream of moving to an ideal location to retire. Many want to stay in their same home. As you retire, it is often considered a perfect opportunity to sell your home, downsize and relocate to your dream retirement location. Typically, by this time, the children are no longer “living at home,” so the need to be close to a school or even...Read More

Realities Regarding Retirement For Women You Can’t Afford to Overlook

There are some realities regarding retirement for women which you just cannot afford to overlook. The challenges women encounter as they prepare for retirement are different than their male peers.

Tips To Avoid Financial Scams In Retirement

Security breaches, identity embezzlement, online fraud – it all could happen when you are the least prepared and even during retirement.It’s happening everywhere and leaves the countless sufferers in its sweep. If you aren’t careful, you could have con artists get access to your financial data quickly. While you wouldn’t want to lose any money anyt...Read More

5 Retirement Income Strategies for Near-Retirement Workers

It’s a tricky thing to maneuver retirement income, but at some point we all have to do it, preferably before we leave our jobs. As we approach retirement, we may be wondering exactly how much longer we need to work, and if we’re really prepared for managing the money we’ve spent our careers stowing away for such a day. It’s a lot of pressure. But l...Read More

These super star musicians are retiring this year

There’s a surprising trend in the music industry in 2018: some of the world’s most legendary musicians are calling it quits. In their late 60s to late 70s, these musicians are feeling the effects of a slowing body and the pull of the families they so often leave behind while on tour. To commemorate their retirement, all are giving one last hurrah. ...Read More

3 Tips To Make Your Money Last Through Retirement

If you’re like most people, the idea of your money running out before you die can keep you up at night. It’s a huge worry, of course, but there are ways to ensure you keep cash flowing, even after you retire. Check out these tips to keep your bank account flush.

Should you still consider Life Insurance After 50?

After 50 your life insurance needs may change. Unlike most types of insurance people buy life insurance to provide for someone else in the case they are gone. Traditionally, once you got into your 50s, a lot of people gave up their life insurance. However, Baby Boomers, depending on their financial situation, might still want to consider life insur...Read More

5 Things To Know About Returning to Work After 50

There’s nothing more daunting than a job search. In any normal situation, looking for work is exhausting, disheartening, and challenging. When you’re returning to the workforce, particularly over 50, you come across even more hurdles. Your age, your intimidating resume, and the fact that technology is moving at a speed that even the gainfully emplo...Read More

3 retirement myths busted

We all enter the workplace as young adults thinking things will work out in a very generic, easy to map kind of way. We’ll work until we’re 65, we’ll retire, and we’ll die at maybe 80 like our parents did. Income will be a steady incline, and if we save according to that incline, we should have the right amount of money to live from. That’s for the...Read More

5 Key Retirement Questions You Need To Answer After 50

Retiring is not an easy decision. A written retirement plan can help you in many ways, so you can implement it when you do retire. When you write your retirement plan, you must evaluate critical factors in your life and your expectations of retirement. The written retirement plan can be lengthy or brief, but requires you to answer critical question...Read More

4 Tips To Talk About Retirement With Your Spouse

When we approach retirement years, we start to conjure up ideas about what life will look like. Everyone has goals and fantasies about the years after work, when children are grown and out of the house, and time is free to spend however we wish. Still, money, lifestyle, and inevitable mishaps are things that every couple needs to address in a groun...Read More

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