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Do people with a good social life live longer?

Good news for social butterflies: a recent study indicates that the more socializing you do, the longer and healthier you’ll live.

6 Lies You Shouldn’t Tell Your Doctor

Many of us assume that these little lies are harmless; sure, maybe I don’t work out 4 hours a week, but I did once a few weeks ago — that counts, right?

Can fasting give us a longer lifespan?

 Should humans be monitoring and changing our intake of food? 

10 Signs You Might Have a Protein Deficiency

How to Recognize Protein Deficiency. Protein plays a vital role in the daily functioning of our bodies. If you don’t have enough of it, your body will suffer. According to UN data, around 1 billion people worldwide are protein deficient. How do you know if you’re one of them? You’d better watch out for these 10 signs and symptoms related to protein...Read More

Add These 2 Exercises To Your Routine To Help Age More Gracefully

We all know the many benefits of exercise to help keep us healthy. It turns out that the same regime can be used to help us age gracefully and decrease muscle loss and decline of brain functioning.

4 Dermatologist’s Tips for Healthy Skin!

It shouldn’t feel impossible to achieve healthy skin because it isn’t! I break it down into 4 tips that will make it easy as pie. Enjoy!

Are Baby Boomers Excited About the Legalization of Marijuana

Old habits die hard- or something on the similar lines can be said about baby boomers who seem quite excited about the possibilities of legalized weed in the USA.

Six Sight-Saving Tips for Aging Eyes

Aging may be inevitable, but what if we told you there are five ways to keep your eyesight young as you age?

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