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Hearing Loss and What We Can do About it

Our bodies change throughout our lifetimes. From our metabolism to joint sensitivity to eyesight decline, we require a more maintenance as we age. But is there anything more aggravating than hearing loss? It’s like everyone around you is mumbling, and you endlessly have to ask friends to repeat themselves. Your spouse is probably on your case about...Read More

Healthy Aging with a Healthy Diet.

Our senior years are a time of rejuvenation. This period is a wonderful opportunity to explore things we were always interested in, or never thought of before. With our newfound freedom, we’d like to engage in a new, fulfilling life. To do that, we have to be healthy. That means taking care of our bodies and watching what we eat. Our bodies are cha...Read More

People Age Better If They Have a Fun Life

It’s unfortunate that the importance of play is often overlooked because we still need it even as we gracefully age. There is a lot of focus on the challenges of aging. However, there’s little to no focus on spotlighting the benefits of ample recreation time or approaches on to how to have fun again. There are specialists for all of our...Read More

8 Great Tips For Selecting Healthy Meals Despite Our Age

We know it’s important to choose healthy food and drink every day. It’s the right thing to do despite our age. Our bodies are changing with each decade and needs nutrients no matter how old we are and throughout each phase of life. Selecting Healthy Food Choice Tips Drink Plenty Sometimes we don’t feel thirsty. It is essential to ...Read More

The Food You’re Eating Is Aging You Faster

How your diet can change the way you look.

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