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Redefining Being “Old”

These days we’re quick to categorize people. Just ask any Millennial aged person, the stigma they face just because of the year they were born is one they just can’t shake. The same goes for those of us in our later years – old people. But are we really old? Most of us who are, technically, old, don’t think of ourselves that way.

Your Best Over 50 Flirting Game

Whether you’re newly single, or just interested in fresh tips, you’re probably interested to hear some advice about how to flirt in your 50s. It’s not the same as when you were in your youth. Back then, silly lines and suggestive clothing were a way to get an interest to go out with you.

10 Tips for Retiring Abroad

One of the things people most look forward to in retirement is the opportunity to travel the world. For some, they’d prefer to actually live abroad. And why not? With today’s technology, the burden of being far away is greatly reduced. Plus, it’s an opportunity to experience something entirely new. But moving abroad is complicated. It can be overwh...Read More

How Being Grateful is Beneficial to Health All Year Long

Experts say those who regularly exhibit gratitude in their daily lives experience significant benefits that lead to a happier life. Learn about the ways gratitude can improve your life, and how you can integrate it into your life.

7 Ways To Reclaim “Sexy” After 50

Sometimes, we can fell to be a woman over 50 is to feel invisible, feeling like people on the street are looking past you, as if you aren’t even there. We live in a culture that often equates beauty and energy with youth. But we’d like to turn that way of thinking on its head. We believe women can be smart and sassy, beautiful and confident, and th...Read More

Starting the Next Chapter: Tips for Empty Nesters

  When young children do things on their own for the first time, there’s often a lot of emotion involved. Remember your child’s first sleepover? You probably felt you’d reached an important milestone. Remember when they first went off to summer camp? You might have even cried, realizing they wouldn’t stay small forever.   Now it’s for real: yo...Read More

7 Things People Believe About Aging That Are Wrong!

We live in a culture obsessed with youth and the futile task of keeping it. As we age, most people become what they think we will become and stereotypes play a big role in this process.

7 Ways To Be A Rockstar Grandparent

Congrats! You’ve raised kids who have successfully entered adulthood and are becoming parents themselves. That means you’re going to be a grandparent!

Everyday Expressions Your Grandchildren Don’t Get

You think you’re a pretty hip grandmother or grandfather. You use the internet all the time, you have a Netflix account, and you not only have a smart phone, but you use the thing. Still, sometimes your age hits you like a sack of flour, particularly when grandchildren are involved.

Toned Arm workout For Women Over 50 | Start Losing Those Flabby Bat Wing Arms Today!

Learn how to tone your arms and get rid of those Flabby Bat Wings forever! With an easy to follow Best Toning Arm Workout For Women Over 50.

10 Incredible Things That Kids Growing Up Today Won’t Know

10 Incredible Things That Kids Growing Up Today Won’t Know..remember when you made a call from a landline, remember being chained to the phone for an hour because of that cord?

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