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Why NOW Is The BEST Time To Sell Your Home….

The old saying “strike while the iron is hot” — which means you should act when you see an opportunity instead of waiting to see if conditions change — can be applied to so many different situations. Whether it’s asking that special someone out for coffee, jumping at the chance to switch careers, or investing in something with the potential to real...Read More

Affording Our Lifestyle

It’s no secret that we have been living on around $30,000 per year. Now into our 31st year of financial independence we see no need to lower our spending. In fact, we are trying to increase it. Some people do not believe we can have such a fulfilling lifestyle on this small annual amount, so in this article, we thought to explain how we do it. Let ...Read More

How to Prepare for Retirement – What to Know, How Long the Prep Takes, and TIPS!

If you’re nearing retirement age, you’re probably thinking about what it takes to prepare for retirement. You’re not the only one, of course – lots of people wonder what it’s going to take to get all their ducks in a row. There are just so many different questions you need to answer, especially when it comes to things like your financial and living...Read More

Got Some Free Time? Here’s Some Great Volunteer Opportunities!

Volunteering in retirement doesn’t just benefit the world, it benefits the retiree. Staying involved as a senior citizen volunteer can help you maintain your mental and physical health as well as helping you stay involved in your community. It helps you stay social and can give you a strong sense of purpose during the often difficult transition tha...Read More

Hidden Secrets About Independent Living Communities

As you contemplate retirement, it’s only natural to consider what your plans are for your Golden Years. Getting to retire means finally having the opportunity to do whatever you like without having to worry about working for a living. Many seniors seek to support that worry-free existence by selling their existing homes and moving to an independent...Read More

Signs That An Aging Parent Needs Help! Caring from a Distance

When caring for an aging parent or relative from afar, it can be hard to know when your help is needed. Sometimes, your parent will ask for help. Or, the sudden start of a severe illness will make it clear that assistance is needed. But, when you live far away, some detective work might be necessary to uncover possible signs that support or help is...Read More

10 Benefits to Moving to an Independent Living Community

Retirement is a great time of life, one where you can finally do what you want without the constraints of having to work a 9-to-5. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some important things to think about, though. In fact, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make in retirement is where you’re going to spend it.   Some retirees decide to ag...Read More

Breaking Down 5 Common Retirement Myths

When planning for retirement, it’s important to have the right information. And it’s important to be able to discern fact from myth. Here are five common myths dispelled: Myth #1: I don’t need to revisit my withdrawal rate Planning a retirement income stream to last several decades can be challenging. Historically, a rule of thumb has been that a p...Read More

US Living at One-Third of the Cost

Mexico, that constantly media-bashed country to the south of the US, might be your better option for retirement. One million Americans already call Mexico their home and its amazingly easy to obtain your residency visa for full-time living, most receiving theirs in a matter of days. Snowbirds could easily add another million visitors to this number...Read More

Social Security: 6 Commonly Asked Questions

Social Security income is an important discussion to have with your financial advisor before you stop working. Below are commonly asked questions and answers to help you prepare for the conversation.   1. When should I collect Social Security benefits? The answer is different for every individual, as it depends on several personal factors. Her...Read More

10 Super Funny Cartoons About Getting Older

10 super funny and awesome comics about getting old, grandparents and grandchildren.

Are You Woke? Taking Baby Steps into the “New Normal”

You have arrived! You took your Covid shot and waited the required weeks for full immunity. Now it’s time to step out into the New Normal and take a look around. But . . . Some experts call it pandemic trauma. Joel Achenbuck in the Washington Post refers to “increased risk, residual risk, potential risk, higher risk . . .” Coming out of your Covid ...Read More

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