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Toned Arm workout For Women Over 50 | Start Losing Those Flabby Bat Wing Arms Today!

Learn how to tone your arms and get rid of those Flabby Bat Wings forever! With an easy to follow Best Toning Arm Workout For Women Over 50.

10 Incredible Things That Kids Growing Up Today Won’t Know

10 Incredible Things That Kids Growing Up Today Won’t Know..remember when you made a call from a landline, remember being chained to the phone for an hour because of that cord?

5 Ways To Stop Living in the Past

There are moments in our lives that tend to stick out more than others. When we look back, these are the kinds of memories that can either lift us up, or they can bring us down.

10 Styling Tips To Conceal Belly Fat!

Top 10 tips to hide and conceal belly fat when styling an outfit! Learn 10 ways to disguise your tummy so that you feel comfortable all day and not stressed about your changing body shape.

Creative Steps To Fight Loneliness After 50

Loneliness is a real problem and concern for many Americans. The journal, PLOS Medicine recently concluded that loneliness could be as bad for your health as smoking and even worse than being obese. It ends up that having an active and connected social life is more than merely great fun, it is also beneficial for your health.

Retirement Planning: How, When, and Why

Retirement can be an exciting time when you get to explore lots of new interests and activities. Retirement planning is how you make sure you have enough income for all the adventures ahead!   Have you thought about how and when you’ll retire? Are you aware of the basic realities that face everyone as they near retirement age? These are important q...Read More

5 Financial Mistakes to Avoid

Retirement isn’t what it used to be. Most of us will want to stay active — with travel, family, volunteer activities and hobbies — long after we leave our full-time jobs. In addition, we’ll most likely be living longer than retirees of the past. According to U.S. government figures, if you’re an average American, you can expect to live into your 80...Read More

5 Ways Your Life is Better After Age 50

We always hear the glories of youth – how life is so much better. Sure, practically their bodies are shiny new engines, and yes, they have that impeccable skin. But while the young don’t have the aches and creaks some of us get later in life, we older folks do actually have some things to look forward to as we age. In fact, after researching severa...Read More

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