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Can alcohol help you live longer?

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Can alcohol help you live longer?

After decades of research and hearing conflicting reports, there’s often confusion about the pros and cons of moderate drinking. Sometimes we are simply believing myths about moderate drinking. There is new research available about the impact of moderate alcohol on our bodies. This study explored the practices of people who lived to be at least ninety years of age.  

This study is not published in a scientific journal. However, it is raising lots of questions regarding decades of research about the advantages and disadvantages of alcohol consumption and our health.

Previous studies have reported people who are moderate drinkers have less heart disease than those who never drink alcoholic beverages. While red wine has always been thought of to provide anti-aging advantages, more research is needed to prove or disprove this myth. It is unclear if alcoholic beverages are good for your heart. Some studies have linked moderate drinking as a cardiovascular benefit. While there is research showing moderate drinking may have benefits for your heart, there’s still a question about abstainer bias in these studies.

A lot of these studies are observational and come with conditions and warnings. It is unknown if moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages is the reason for the increase in lifespan or if the health benefits are from other lifestyle habits and behaviors.Research has typically shown that alcohol abuse decreases life expectancy. Studies have not discovered health benefits for people who have drinking habits that are considered substantial.

Some research shows a strong link between drinking and seven types of cancer.

Alcohol can also contribute to weight gain as they are high in calories. They may contribute to gaining weight and obesity which comes with its own set of health problems. There is a lot more research, pros, and cons which needs to be discovered about drinking alcoholic beverages. If you’re a heavy drinker, it is most likely advantageous for you to cut back. If you’re a moderate drinker, there’s research to report you might be receiving some benefits from your moderate consumption of alcohol. If you abstain from alcohol altogether, no research is strong enough to say you should start consuming alcoholic beverages.

Good old-fashioned exercise, eating healthy and staying engaged and social with others may be a key to adding happiness and years to your life.


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