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Broken Circle of Life

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Broken Circle of Life

My friends and cousins cannot wait to show me photos of their grandchildren and recount the many joyous “one of a kind” experiences they have with them.

I personally anticipated my own grandparenthood in my young adulthood.  In an earlier will my favorite jewelry was left to my first born granddaughter.

My daughter, Roslyn was an undergraduate at George Washington University in DC.  One day she asked me to feel a lump on her breast.  The fact that she was concerned set off alarm bells.  When I concurred that something should be checked out an appointment was set up within 5 minutes with her doctor.  Cause for further investigation as my maternal grandmother was diagnosed as positive and my mother who died from the disease…  Relief! The MD announced that the lump was bone cartilage, and that she was too young to have breast cancer.

Roz fell head over in heels in love that year, a true rarity for her.  She was married in April and graduated in May.  They were so in love, and even named  their 2 future children.

The lump increased in size and a second doctor concurred with the first diagnosis not even prescribing a mammogram. A rash appeared.  When a third doctor examined her he announced stage 4 cancer (IBC).  For her first wedding anniversary Roslyn had a mastectomy.  Three years later she passed away in the autumn of 2000.

My story? A huge hole has been ripped out of my heart.

Why write this? I would like anyone who reads this to make sure all of their loved ones check and double check personal health concerns regardless of age and opinions of the medical world.

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