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Best Wishes to Al and Tipper

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I have been married for a long time – not as long as Al and Tipper Gore, but a long time, nevertheless. With that as a backdrop, let me say that I find it surprising that people question the Gores about why they would “call it quits” after 40 years. Even though I’ve never been divorced, I am a huge advocate of people removing themselves from difficult, unpleasant situations – regardless of how long they’ve been tolerating the intolerable. I don’t really care to know who did what to whom or why. I just think it’s great that both of them have found the strength to acknowledge the truth – and move on from there.

When our generation was significantly younger, we were all about truth. Congrats to the two of them. They have refound truth – and hopefully it is tenderly wrapped in a lot of support and good wishes for the future! Peace to you both!

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