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Baby Boomers and Hepatitis C

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It’s been reported widely in the news over the last two days – but you may have missed it. Baby Boomers are at serious risk for having been infected with Hepatitis C. An estimated 3.2 M in the US are infected – and it’s estimated that 2 out of 3 of them are Baby Boomers. Put another way, 1-in-33 Boomers are infected with the disease – although more than half (maybe three-quarters) of those infected don’t even know it!

Why are we Baby Boomers at such a high risk? There are three ways the disease is transmitted: intravenous drug use (which was popularized with Boomers); blood transfusions prior to 1992 (when screening for the virus began); and sexual contact.

Routine physical exams do not screen for Hepatitis C. Ask your doctor for the test. Even though there are no cures, if you do have the disease, there are treatments available. And don’t wait! You need to treat it before your liver develops cirrhosis – and before�it deteriorates so badly you need�a liver transplant, or worse.

For your convenience, a news report from the UPI can be found here – and a video from NBC Nightly News�is here. So read, watch, and then call – call your doctor for a test.

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