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I Proved Her Wrong

Were you ever told that you did not have what it takes to succeed at school, or perhaps at a sport, or playing a musical instrument?  If you were in school in the 1950s and 60s, it was not uncommon to hear students receiving this sort of negative communication. There was no concern with upsetting a student’s self-esteem by criticizing their perform...Read More

Your Brain…Size Does Matter

The conventional belief has been that as we get older the size of the brain shrinks or atrophies. This has been debunked to a great degree since a 2009 Dutch study at the University of Maastrich. The researchers looked at the cognitive ability of two groups of people––average age 69 years. The one group of participants were found to be healthy in t...Read More

Intimacy and Aging

You’ve probably noticed that if the topic of intimacy and seniors comes up when your children or other young ones are around, that invariably you get a disgusted look appearing on their faces. Or you may get the response, “TMI” (Too Much Information). The fact is that when it comes to sex, “It ain’t over till it’...Read More

These Over 50’s Follow Their Passion: Storm Chasing

While most people try to avoid tornadoes, we seek them out on the Great Plains of America. Each year, with our radar and laptop in hand, we pursue our passion as tornado hunters. During the peak season of April, May and June, these storms—both beautiful and menacing—unleash their power. So how did we ever get into this strange way of having a holid...Read More

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