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Structure Governs Function And Why It’s Important To You

What is the difference between a sleek sports car with a low centre of gravity as opposed a large box-like truck? Obviously, their structures are totally different and as a result they operate differently. How a house is built determines things such as circulation, humidity and temperature. If you want an energy efficient house, it needs to have di...Read More

Want To Be Happy? Here’s How!

For many people, happiness is something out of reach and never attained. In our world today, we have more, spend more with the freedom we have to pursue any of life’s pleasures, yet happiness still eludes many. So much of the health industry with its drugs, injections and procedures to enhance us, is done in the belief that we’ll be happier. We sea...Read More

A Life Event – and The 7 Lessons I Learned

Events in life have a way of humbling us. We all have those incidents that we may have perceived as negative, however, if we appreciate what occurred as a learning experience, we can benefit from it. In January 2009, while skiing in Utah, Adele sustained a severe trauma. The result was a fractured hip that necessitated hip replacement surgery the f...Read More

4 Magical Places on a European Road Trip

In 2012, we committed ourselves to travel extensively. Part of that time––3 months––was spent driving through Europe. Our journey commenced in Paris where we leased a vehicle that was new from the factory. There were many highlights in some 44 different locations. Here are a few of these: Plitvice Lakes, Croatia From the eastern part of Italy, it i...Read More

He Had A Big Heart

If I were to ask you, what was the greatest sporting performance of the last 50 years, what would your answer be? The answer to the question is a subjective opinion. There are many sports that you could consider. There are the great Olympic performances: Michael Phelps, Ian Thorpe or Husain Bolt. There have been great team performances in football,...Read More

What Is A Senior’s Lifestyle?

Many people view the senior years or their “retirement” with some degree of trepidation. When we think back to our parents’ generation when it seemed that there wasn’t a whole lot to look forward to past 65. Life expectancy 40 years ago was 67 for men who were the primary income earners in those days. How times have changed! Today, for men, life ex...Read More

Be Authentic – But with Class

Recently a top news anchorman for a major American network was outed for committing a blatant lie on national TV and then for repeating the lie. At the 2015 Grammy Awards, Madonna was wearing an outfit exposing her butt. A couple of years ago a US congressman took a ‘selfie’ of his private parts, then texted it to some women and repeatedly lied abo...Read More

Listening To Your Gut

Today more than ever we need to pay attention to warning signals that bombard us from the environment. We can detect all sorts of danger signals, some obvious, others less so. Ignoring the signals can put us in danger. Listening to our gut feelings is a mechanism that can alert us to the fact that something untoward is taking place. It is part of o...Read More

What Do I Do Now?

In speaking to various groups and consulting with people either in retirement or approaching retirement, one of the common concerns is what does one do in the future? For many of us, our work or family life defines our identity. When work comes to an end or when the children have all grown up and left home, it can leave a void in our lives.  Most p...Read More

My High Energy Regime Is…

The last few months, a number of people have remarked that I seem to have a lot of energy for my age (70 in less than two years). Or they have asked me, “From where do you get all your energy?” I have always been a high energy person. I don’t know if it’s in the genes, but I do believe that a lot of it has to do with one’s state of mind. There is a...Read More

Black and White

This was sent to me by a colleague from my old college days. BLACK AND WHITE TV “Good night and God bless.” Black and  White? (Under age 40? You won’t understand.) You could hardly see for all the snow, Spread the rabbit ears as far as they go. Pull a chair up to the TV set, ‘Good Night, David. Good Night, Chet.’ My Mom used to cut chicken, chop eg...Read More

Exercise: Use It or Lose It

While reducing our calorie intake and ensuring that what we do consume is healthy, this alone is not enough to improve and maintain good health in our senior years. ”Calories out” is the other half of the equation . Exercise is very important for our health. Not just physical health but mental health. Most of us stopped exercising in our teens or 2...Read More

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