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10 Signs You Are Mentally Stronger Than Most People

When you hear the word “strong,” what comes first to your mind? Do you imagine Dwayne Johnson lifting weights? Or weather hazards, like a snow blizzard? Strong can seem intimidating when we associate it with physical force, size, and shape. But, what about the more subtle signs of strong that happen internally?

Casual Chic & Work Outfit Ideas | Summer 2019

Casual Chic & Work Outfit Ideas | Summer 2019

Mature Skin Care. A Dermatologist’s Tips | Dr. Dray

Mature Skin Care. A Dermatologist's Tips | Dr. Dray

7 Signs Your Love Will Last a Lifetime

Despite our best efforts, love always seems to be completely out of our control. It lifts us up like a feather in the wind, whisking us away to a completely new world, full of new experiences and unforgettable memories. But while it might raise us to new heights, love has the power to slam us back down to Earth just as quickly. Make no mistake - we...Read More

5-Minute Thigh Slimming Workout For Mature Women Over 50!

5 minute thigh slimming workout for mature women over 50 to reduce thigh gap and strengthen your legs.This thigh toning workout for women s very doable but still challenging enough to burn fat and tone and strengthen your quads, hamstrings and inner thigh, and as women over 50 it is so beneficial to be doing some form of physical exercise every sin...Read More

I Spent a Week Only Speaking the Truth, And Here’s Where It Got Me

Are you completely frank with other people? Okay, everybody lies sometimes. We have different reasons to do that, from a little white lie you tell to protect someone’s feelings to something else less benevolent. But what if there was someone completely and utterly honest about their feelings and thoughts?

Skin Care Tips – 3 Skincare Tips For Anti Aging | Dr Mona Vand

Today I'm talking all about 3 natural skin care tips to reduce signs of aging- so while I don't want to shame anyone who invests in botox or laser, I do want to give alternative ways that are known to prevent aging! Hope you enjoy :)

Good luck, and don’t fork it up! 10 easy hacks using everyday kitchen utensils by So Yummy

Good luck, and don't fork it up! 10 easy hacks using everyday kitchen utensils by So Yummy.

Valerie Ramsey, 80 Year Old Model, Shares Her Healthy Aging (and Beauty!) Tips

Valerie Ramsey knows a thing or two about healthy aging. As an 80 year old model, her career is linked to staying healthy and fit. And, as an author, she has to deal with a schedule that has her moving around constantly.

How To Make Someone Remember You For A Lifetime

Oprah Winfrey has a superpower. For over 30 years, people who speak to her have not been able to help but to open up, sometimes crying, expressing joy, or just showing the most vulnerable parts of themselves.

Aging and Sleeping Problems – Ways to Trigger Your Sleep

There are many factors that can cause sleeping problems in the senior adult or person over 65. In this video I discuss how sleep affects your stages of sleep and I give you two tips to improve your sleep at any age.

4 Tips To Keep Your Prostate Happy

While many men don’t want to talk about learning about prostate health could save your life. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), prostate cancer is the most common non-skin cancer among American men, and the American Cancer Society estimates that more than 180,000 new cases are diagnosed in the United States each year...Read More

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