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8 Types of Love You Will Experience in this Lifetime

There are many types of love that you will experience in this lifetime. Canadian psychologist John Allen Lee, invented the Color Wheel Theory of Love (Bader, 2016). He believes that there are all kinds of love from: playful love (ludus), obsessive love (mania) all the way to erotic love (eros). There are eight types of love according to John Allen...Read More

Mistakes Older Guys Make Trying to Look Youthful

Today, we're talking about style mistakes I see older guys make when trying to dress more youthful.

5 Health Mistakes People Over the Age of 50 Need to Avoid

With so much conflicting health information out there, it’s easy for most people to fall into unhealthy eating habits without even realizing it. That is especially true for people over 50 trying to stay healthy and fit in these complex times.

4 Easy Ways to Make New Friends in Retirement

Who does not like those great looking doctors on TV. Plus, medical television shows are filled with drama, romance, and life-and-death situations.

How important Is Aerobic Exercise to Successful Aging?

Millennia ago, the Ancient Greeks realized that human beings need regular exercise to maintain a sound mind in a sound body (mens sana in corpore sano). In modern times, there is growing amount of evidence that being physically active not only affects how we age, but also makes it less likely to develop a variety of diseases such as high blood pres...Read More

5 Things TV Doctors Always Get Wrong

Who does not like those great looking doctors on TV. Plus, medical television shows are filled with drama, romance, and life-and-death situations.

6 Scientific Tricks to Make You Happy

Are you wondering about how happiness could be achieved? Are you jealous of others who's constantly happy, but you yourself can't seem to find happiness? Why can't I be happy, you might ask. Sometimes, depression can be the reason of unhappiness or life stressors, but there are actually ways to make your day better. These include things like doing ...Read More

Get Very Thick Healthy Hair After 50

Learn in this video how I how I grew my hair THICKER AND HEALTHIER - NATURALLY. I show you what products I take internally and how each one contributes to hair growth and beautiful skin (yes, both hair and skin benefit!) It's very common for our hair to thin out as we age but that doesn't mean that we have to accept it, because there IS somethin...Read More

5 Red Flags When Touring an Assisted Living Community

Transitioning into an assisted living facility can be challenging and amidst the many emails and site visits required to choose the right assisted living facility, some families fail to see clear red flags and ultimately place their aging family member in an uncomfortable or even unsafe situation.

Downsizing Seasonally – As the Seasons Change So Should Your Closet (and Your Garage/Shed)

If your closet is a chaotic mess, it might be time to try some seasonal downsizing. All it takes is an afternoon or two and the right frame of mind – and perhaps a little caffeine! The following guidelines can help streamline this often important dive into the inner recesses of your closet.

The 6 Worst “Healthy” Foods That Damage Your Teeth

Eating healthy food is always an important goal. On the flip side, not all foods that are good for your body are also good for your teeth. Some nutritious foods can erode tooth enamel, too. Are Healthy Foods Wrecking Your Smile?

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