Author: Carol Ziegler

It’s Been More Than 30 Years…

Dear “Oh Carol:” My husband, hero, knight in shining armor, passed away 4 years ago. I am so lonely, and ready to date. My last, first date was 30 years ago. When do men of our age generally expect to get intimate, as in after how many dates? While I am open to intimacy, I need to know this is someone with whom I will be in a committed relationship...Read More

LOVE ‘N LIFE: Best Friends Aren’t Speaking

Dear OH CAROL: My husband (John) has been best friends with Martin for 45 years.  John and I have been married for 38 years – so John’s relationship with Martin is even older than ours.  Now he and Martin have had a falling out.  This is breaking my heart – and it’s surely breaking my husband’s heart.  I don’t kn...Read More

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