Author: Laverne Bardy

Laverne’s View: Who Says Bigger Is Better?

Our house is not large enough for both of us. We’ve run out of storage areas. Closets are overflowing. Shelves are buckling from excessive weight placed on them. Halls and stairways are cluttered, and space under couches and beds no longer exist. When Mighty Marc moved in with his worldly possessions, storage space in my home had already been...Read More

Laverne’s View: Human Body Shops

As a result of modern medicine, medical advances, and public education, the average human life span has risen from age 45 in 1840 to 85 in 2000. Bruce J. Klein, director at the Immortality Institute in Alabama, questions whether we will find a cure for aging altogether, or will life span peak at some natural limit.  I believe I have a viable s...Read More

Laverne’s View: Viva La Difference

There are those who insist that men and women are alike, but I’ve lived long enough to know, with certainty, they are not. To start, men and women argue differently. If a woman is angry at her girlfriend she chooses her words carefully, and bends over backwards to avoid hurting her friend’s feelings. But if their argument escalates to s...Read More

Laverne’s View: Following My Bliss

Not long ago I was watching television and caught an old taped show of Bill Moyers interviewing Joseph Campbell about Campbell’s book, The Power of Myth. I suddenly realized that Campbell was talking about me. It appears that what I’ve been doing most of my life is struggling to "Follow My Bliss. Doing this means always listening ...Read More

Laverne’s View: You’re Never Too Old For Love

We met online “ on a dating site;, to be precise. He was from West Virginia; I’m from New Jersey. He was looking for Happily Ever After. I was looking for something to do Saturday nights. We exchanged lengthy e-mails, which evolved into six hour phone conversations and a plan to meet. He suggested coming to my house. I sug...Read More

Laverne’s View: Aging – Not All Fun And Games

My funk began when I sidled into my chiropractor’s office, bent out of shape, wracked with pain and convinced that even my eyelids were attached to my lower back.  The chiropractor instructed me to lie on my back, and pull my knees up as close to my chest as possible. You have wonderful flexibility, he commented. I do? I questioned, kn...Read More

Laverne’s View: Reach Out and Touch Someone

Who hasn’t wondered what happens to us after we die? I used to be a nay sayer, a pessimist, a doubting Thomas, certain that once we leave this world everything ends; no more parties, no more sushi, Hershey bars, or shopping for shoes. Definitely no more verbal communication with people we have left behind. Well, I have great news. I’m h...Read More

Laverne’s View: Open At Your Own Risk

I am annoyed with an industry that, in an effort to keep us safe, leaped from reasonable to ridiculous. It started with the manufacturing of difficult-to-open, hermetically sealed medicine bottles and lead to me devoting huge portions of my life to assaulting pill bottles. Worse than pill bottles are pill cards. Twenty-five pills are placed, indivi...Read More

Laverne’s View: Surviving the Singles Scene

After 23 years of marriage I returned to the dating scene and realized that nothing had changed. The men were older, but still motivated by the same primal urges, and forty years and three children later, I was still trying to preserve my virginity.  In my quest to meet men I went to single’s dances, placed my bio with an Online dating s...Read More

Laverne’s View: Shedding Light on My World

Nine years ago my ophthalmologist told me I had the start of cataracts. He said I needn’t have them removed until they were ripe. I hate that word. It conjures up thoughts of Limburger cheese. Wait ˜til her eyes are soft and smelly before slicing. Trembling, I asked, How will I know when it’s time?    Without a moment’...Read More

Laverne’s View: How the Home Shopping Network Turned Me into a Zebra

I was channel surfing and landed on the Home Shopping Network. I had assumed that people who buy from HSN were either housebound, lonely, or certifiable. Why would anyone purchase items they can’t first touch, smell, taste, or try on? Two women, each with perfect hair, Chicklet smiles, and saccharin voices, were promoting stretch jeans. They ...Read More

Laverne’s View: Now Hear This

Most seniors spend money doing things they couldn’t afford or didn’t have time for before they retired. Some use their retirement savings on golf. Others buy boats, sports cars, lavish gifts for their grandchildren, travel and go on cruises. My sin of choice is dining out “ a lot. I used to love cooking. I was an innovative, creative co...Read More

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