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Working Out, Fifties Style

Whenever I hear about the latest incarnation of trendy gym wear, be it overpriced Lulumom or Kate Hudson’s new line of workout duds, I think how fortunate young women are today to have bypassed the scourge of our adolescent gym wear, the blue gym bloomer. I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to bring up your worst teenaged trauma, but t...Read More

Saving A Precious Pup

This is a story of two smart people who got scammed for the love of a dog.  It is an ongoing story or perhaps more of a cautionary tale (tail?) for all of us soft-hearted folks who decide, one day, to adopt a dog that needs a home. Two years ago, my husband and I decided to get a new dog.  I wanted a “Velcro” dog, one that wou...Read More

A Cinematic Life

You might say that I was raised in the movies.  Or you might say that I was raised by the movies.  One way or another, movies have always been a big part of my life.  Which is why it is especially disappointing to me that I can no longer find movies to which I enjoy going.  Every now and then, Hollywood throws us a bone.  E...Read More

Living History

I am a story teller.  It is what I do at my job, surrounded by small children and their parents.  It is what I do when I sit down to write blogs and essays to share on the internet.  To me, storytelling is one of the most important tasks given to human beings.  The philosopher, George Santayana, famously said, “Those who d...Read More

The Next Boomer War: The FRAD vs WALI

Whenever Baby Boomers reach a new phase of life, it makes news.  Other generations may tire of hearing about us but when you are part of the “pig in the python” generation, well, attention must be paid. The latest trend we’ve established is that many of us are simply refusing to retire.  Realistically speaking, a lot of ...Read More

Photograhic Memory

Look at the top of this column.  There’s a current picture of me.  It’s a measure of how much I wanted to write for you that I sat for a current picture.  My husband took this photo with a portrait setting. It shows everything. I love my husband.  I’m not so crazy about this picture. It’s not a bad pictur...Read More

Rebranding Yourself for the Rest of Your Life

“Rebranding” is the buzz phrase of the twenty-first century.  We’ve all seen both successes and failures when corporations try to change the public perception of what they are.  Target was jokingly called “Tar-je (accent ague) until it started featuring Isaac Mizrahi and Jason Wu clothing lines right alongside stor...Read More

Weighing Retirement Options

Three months ago, I celebrated my sixty-fourth birthday.  The first thing I did was post on my Facebook page that I was a mere, “365 days from Medicare.”  As “entitlements” go (I maintain that this is not an entitlement; I’ve paid for it), this is the one I am seriously looking forward to using.  While I...Read More

20 Indicators: Crossing the Invisible Line to "Old"

You pack to go on a trip and need a separate bag for your pills.  In the event of a zombie apocalypse, you will only last as long as your prescriptions hold out.  You don’t know the name of the neighborhood children, and no one calls you “Dayna’s mom,” but the pharmacy staff knows you by name and doesn’t need...Read More

4 Ways the Scale Deceives You

“The Scale is a Liar! This has almost become a cliché’ because so many people are driven stark-raving mad by lack of weight loss or by wild fluctuations in their daily or weekly weigh-ins. But what do you do about it? Many people think the answer is throwing away the scale. I sympathize with the frustration, but don’t ditch your s...Read More

Dressing for the Age You Are

I became invisible on May 14, 2010.  It was a while before I realized that I had achieved transparency, but it became even more apparent to me as I read my monthly allotment of magazines: People Magazine – Beauty by the Decades : the decades always ended at age 59, with either Meryl Streep or Sigourney Weaver interchangeably shown as the...Read More

A Virtual Class Reunion

Here is what Facebook is good for: virtual reunions.  As with so many other things, we Baby Boomers seem to have co-opted FB from our offspring and turned it into our own little electronic meeting place in the “clouds.”  Thanks in large part to the work of two people from my high school graduating class, one who started the &l...Read More

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