Author: Jahna Eichel

These 5 States May Be The Worst For Retirement

There are many things to consider to be certain a city or state is a good choice for retirees. Affordability is a high priority for seniors on a fixed income, and access to top-quality healthcare is getting more important as retirees age. Leisure and activity accessibility play a role as well with golf courses and theatre being a high priority for ...Read More

Staying Present Is Easy With These 4 Simple Tips

Take a deep breath, set aside all your worries and take a moment to live in the present. Put aside all your worries about the future and all your thoughts of the past, and simply enjoy the moment you’re experiencing right now. It feels good. Have you ever wondered what the best way to focus on being in the present actually is? We’ll walk you ...Read More

Could you turn your retirement into living out your childhood dreams?

Sabrina Roblin, a 58-year-old former executive of a leadership consulting firm, had her audition with the televised singing competition show “The Voice” last February. “People used to retire at 65 — they had a few golden years and traveled a little bit and they died,” Olivetti said. “But now, for example, if you are a woman and alive at 65, statist...Read More

Heavy Weights A Problem? Forget ’em! Here’s Why…

Canadian researcher Stuart Phillips of McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, and his colleagues have been challenging the old rubric that the best way to build muscles is to lift heavy weights. The group researched whether lifting lighter weights for more repetitions is just as effective for building muscle as lifting heavy weights for fewer re...Read More

7 Foods That Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Cholesterol. It’s part of that annoying little phrase you may hear every time you go in for a visit to your doctor. Nearly 31 million adult Americans have a total cholesterol level greater than 240 mg/dL. Although you can’t control all of your risk factors for high cholesterol, you can take steps to prevent high cholesterol and its complicati...Read More

Would You Take This Pill To Defy Aging?

The Fountain Of Youth has always been a fair off fairy-tale concept, but with technology and science expanding faster than ever before, it make not be a fairy-tale for long. An anti-aging startup hopes to give you the ability to live forever. The company, Elysium Health, is turning chemicals that lengthen the lives of mice and worms in the laborato...Read More

Tips To Make Any Wine Taste Better

We’ve all been there. Walking up and down the aisle of the local liquor market, trying to find a new, tasty, decently priced wine. No matter how many questions you ask to the clerk or labels you read while you browse, sometimes you accidentally end up with a bad tasting bottle of wine. Thanks to a simple trick, you have the ability to transfo...Read More

True Love Exists & It’s Beautiful

Jim and Talma are now 83 and 82 and have six children, 13 grandchildren, and 15 great-grandchildren, Lindsey , their daughter told Country Living. Watch Jim sing “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?” We dare you not to cry.

Dakota Access Pipeline Construction Has Begun

The construction of the Dakota Access pipeline has just begun. The pipeline in it’s entirety should be operational within the next three months.  The developer of the long-delayed project said, even with an American Indian tribe filing a legal challenge to block the work. The Army officially granted Energy Transfer Partners formal permission ...Read More

Simon & Garfunkel Can Still Bring Down The House

This iconic song, originally by Simon & Garfunkel, is one of the most iconic anthems of all time. The song, Sound Of Silence, has been covered by many bands, most recently, hard rock group Disturbed– Even 52 years later, nothing beats listening to the original songwriters come together to perform this tune.

You’d Be Surprised At Who’s Using Marijuana These Days

If you assumed college-aged adults are leading the pack in marijuana use, you’d be incorrect. The largest consumers of marijuana are your city’s professionals, corporate workers, ganja-puffing teachers, TV execs and businessmen are going about their daily routines while under the influence. “I started realizing a lot of my family smokes weed,...Read More

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