Author: Garret Mathews

Barbara Liked Me…Oh my!

Barbara liked me. I knew. There were too many telltale signs.    Like the time in Miss Kent’s arithmetic class when she walked past all the other boys to ask me for a pencil.    And the time she looked at me during reading group. It could have been the cloakroom she was sneaking a peak at, but I preferred to believe she wouldn’t crane her neck that...Read More

Did You Really Say, "Far Out, Man?"

I’ve written a lot about men and women who came of age during the Second World War. They’re living history lessons, and I’m not shy about popping the questions. What was the Depression like? Did you know anyone who toiled in make-work jobs provided by the WPA and CCC? At the time of your enlistment in the service, what was the furthest you had been...Read More

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